Do you need separate peripherals for render node?


I’m putting together a second computer at home. I have most of the components plus a spare monitor and keyboard etc.

Question is do I need to use them? Can I control it from my main PC’s monitor etc. Obviously the extra stuff will make my office more cluttered.

I’m running win7 64bit on PC1, PC2 will prob use the same unless there’s a better option.


no you don’t need them after setting up the system… its’ called running “lights out” or “headless” (e.g.: no monitor or keyboard) and you access the system with an RDP client or manage the system via web services, but usually this is done for servers and honestly I do not know if windows 7 will have issues with this.

you could also invest in a KVM switch and use the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse you have for you main workstation.

or, you could take a look at linux for it… but if you’re just looking for something easy, i’ld recommend going with the KVM switch.


Check if your monitor has more than one input (my Necs have 2 dvi and 1 vga).
And you could use this for your mouse :


That’s a good idea, I have multiple inputs in my monitor, and both my mouse and keyboard are plugged into it.


i guess i should have asked what you are planning to do with the 2nd computer… i guessed a renderer or server for something…

nice find on the mouse w/o borders.


at work we use KVM switches. Dameware client for remote connection, Terminal Servers in Microsoft Enterprise and CAG to sign in from external LAN.

KVM Switch= 2 PCS with dual monitor support, one keyboard and mouse.

Dameware= another remote desktop solution

Terminal Servers= virtual OS residing on servers in our server room

CAG= Citrix Access Gateway, ability to connect to a secure LAN thru a personal one.


once up and running, I used to control my nodes. It worked really well at the time but was several years ago.


If you have just one node in addition to the workstation I’d just use a KVM switch. If you wanted to go headless that’s a common practice for larger farms but no reason why you couldn’t do it with just one node. In Windows you can connect using RDP (remote desktop) and if you decide to try Linux you can connect with SSH (secure shell). VNC is an option, not a good one though.


ya, if this machine is simply meant for rendering, just use ssh and have the render slave service run at launch. I have a Z820 running Linux like that and I don’t even bother with the GUI or VNC since I can mount shares and sleep the machine via command line/ssh.


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