Do You Know Hawk Chi?, Hawk (2D)


took me couple of days to finish this. this was completely colored in photosop using a wacom tablet. and thats suppose to be me as an anime character.


Wow… I like this alot.


I likes it too

Could you explain how you did that power orb chi ball thingy?


yes please…


I dig it! :thumbsup:

Grooooovy shoes!



Wow… that´s cool. Lots of details, vivid colors and a great lighting… I like this piece a lot! Great work… well done! :thumbsup:


I created 8 images to show what steps i took to create the glowing ball. I’m sure there’s a better way of doing this but this is my way and it works I guess.

here are the images…

Steps to making the chi ball:

Image1: I made a circle and filled it with a orange-red color.

Image2: Usin the dodge tool and a decent brush size. I start adding the hot spots (bright areas). I randomly pick the areas.

Image3: I go over the same area again and make it brighter and stronger.

Image4: I take the burn tool and burn some areas, not too much just some minor areas.

Image5: I go back to the dodge tool and used a 3 point brush. Using the wacom pen I start scribbling around the orb, causing bright lines in the orb

Image6: Same process as Image5 but this time i used the burn tool.

Image7: I blurred the orb a little and using the dodge tool, I decided to brighten the hot spots even more.

Image8: Last step, create a new layer on top of the orb, change the layer mode to Screen. Take a huge airbrush and add a glow to it.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you get confused with anything.

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I love your colour combination.

i wonder how the background are done. all those white lines are amazing, you manange to draw it all by hand?


wicked :thumbsup:


I’m no pro at 2D CG, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have the shades glow orange? I mean, the energy ball is the strongest light source in the vicinity (sp?). If the shades themselves are of green glass, they should at least be slightly more orangy?

Excellent, work, I love every bit of it! :thumbsup:

Carl :beer:


The background is basically bunch of layers.

The first layer is a dark blue color with the cloud filter added to it.

Then I added a layer on top of that, taking a large airbrush, i added a big ass glow behind the character (white color of course).

now here is the fun part that took FOREVER! using a small sharp brush (size 3) and the smudge too…i pull out lines and swirls from the glowing area.


Great! :slight_smile:

Only thing I’d change is adding a bit of orange tint on the face, gloves, and cap - energy ball is emiting orange light, but for example highlights on the gloves are light green, not orange.


CarlCampbell: i agree or it should prolly be a mix of green and orange because the shades has green lens?

btw… here’s the orginal sketch from my sketchbook.


Cool!! :thumbsup:

I like the glowin’ ball, really well done dude!

Btw, Have you made the color directly on the sketch addin’ a cg linework at the same time or did you ink it before?

Anyways, great work! :buttrock: (would be cool for the “livin’ toons” challenge btw)



art7sayan: i usually ink my work and then color it, but for some reason i took a risk and left the sketch how it was. i added color to it by adding layers to the sketch. i had the color layers in Multiply mode so i could see the sketch while i paint on top of it.


yes great work


hey friend …

really nice work ,

i get into here to ask a question to you :

what model of WACOMs you are using , and as iam a newbie
on WACOM machines , what do you advice me to start with , any links ? ( i am user of corel draw and PS )

thanks:) :slight_smile:


my only crit is that i think the forearm muscles are a too defined for the character (about a 13 year old female if im right?)

other than that its a very nice piece of work


Pretty, mmmmm.


Originally posted by poe
my only crit is that i think the forearm muscles are a too defined for the character (about a 13 year old female if im right?)

What do you mean a 13 year old female character? Hawk said it was him. Also, its a male, can’t you see the “perilla” (beard sticking out of the chin, dunno the name in english)?

Carl :beer: