Do you have a good free library for objects ?



Do you have a free library for objects in 3ds max ? I know this one : but objects are not very beautiful in final renders.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Not an answer to your question, but there doesn’t seem to be any legal info in regards to the link you posted and anyone can upload anything. (Which often means the operators themselves upload most of the stuff they get from god knows where).
So while most of the stuff on there seems pretty old and you can download it for free, you might run into problems if you use it for anything public.

Found some legal text on the upload side.

“1. This 3D model is provided “as is”, entirely at your own risk.” (I guess more professional sites say similar things, just in more complicated language, but you are probably still better off looking for free content on sites like Turbosquid, where there is some plausible motivation for sellers to offer some stuff for free as teasers.)


Thanx for your reply Noren. I know that, that’s why I want to find a good library, free or not expensive, to downoald good objects free to use.


That would be turbosquid. Grabcad also has some stuff.