Do you consider your type of art constructive or destructive?


Reason why I posted this is so people will think about what they want to create before getting down to their hands and knees and sticking their shovel in the mud. It simplifies the whole ordeal of where you want your work to go and the eventual goal and impact you wish to evoke with your imagery.

“The flower breaths life.”

“The casket draws death.”

If it serves no purpose. Make one.

You could be planting flowers or digging a grave. Know before you pick up a shovel.



-innvoative vehicle designs
-women with feminine emphasis


-war themes
-women with sexual themes
-political themes
-blood, violence, gore


-children animations
-humourous animations
-eye candy
-hallucinogenic (AJ gave me the idea! :smiley: )


-do not consider nor care
-never asked myself what purpose my art serves




Why are political themes and women with sexual themes in the destructive list?


You forgot either. I was doing deconstructive till highschool and maybe even after, and recently (recently like the last 6 years) i’m more constructive i think, though it’s always fun to do a return to the good-old-days of mounsters and science fiction stuff…


…and the 2004 Grumpy Scottish Git Award for Most Pointlessly Arbitrary Poll Question Ever goes to…


politics - shifting of power and wealth, promotes war, crime, and injustice

erotic imagery - restricts women and feminine freedom, promotes sexist behaviour

That’s how I see it anyway. My opinon not necessary yours. :smiley:


other, don’t care

“never asked myself what purpose my art serves”

I like doing it, other than that it makes money occasionally, I don’t have some greater purpose, the whole pretentious art thing makes me ill


Ya, I should have explained it a little better. :slight_smile:

Updated now.


I was going to change the poll to the “majority of your art”. Unless you’re on a perfect balance of yin and yan. :smiley:


Yeh, I’m there :slight_smile: Well, I construct the damage i’ve done when I was young, if u’r looking from this point of view. Sometimes I do sin with a mounster or an android (check my current WIP… Well, this android is being constructed, but u can’t know what he’ll be able to in the end, though he doesn’t seem very harmful right now).


I always like to mix the two elements in to catch people off guard. :smiley:


But what if your artwok is gelatinous? Or undulating? Or itchy…?


I always like to mix the two elements in to catch people off guard.
And that kids, is how God created salt…


I thought you were going say the fizz in soda.

gelatinous? Or undulating? Or itchy…?

I’m going to classify those as h a l l u c i n o g e n s. :smiley:


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