Do you also feel cheated?


Maybe you’re right… let’s hope you’re wrong!


I hope so. Come to think of it I haven’t heard anything about the new max version yet. They release in what… Feb? Curious now what we’re getting. (and a bit excited.)


just out of curiousity, how many versions ahead were they talking about?

Im sure answering that question doesnt breach the nda?


April I think.


Well they don’t say, they just talked about features and directions that they’d be taking post-2014, rather than “this will be in 2015, this’ll be in 2016” etc, so I really have no idea. I do know, however, that there’s a significant new feature in 2014 that I was first shown back in, hmmm, 2010 or 2011, by some of the AD guys at the office of the company I used to work for. So it’s totally possible that some of the stuff we saw won’t be in there for years.


There’s always the disclaimer that this may or may not be in future releases.

I’ll only believe it when it’s

a) in Max
b) usable in production


You mean that in earlier days beta security was’nt that tightened and they leaks happening and cracked betas floating arround. And now you rant about Autodesk being successfull fighting those leaks ?
You can’t mean that serious …

Regarding your second point:
i guess the “be all-open as possible” attitude Ken showed over the last few releases bit him in the back at the end. Because the releases never could stand up to the hype they built. So this new silent mode Frank seems to prefer is irritating in contrast, but might be a good thing IMHO. Nevertheless i think we will soon see some glimbse of the upcoming release’s features…
( BTW i know them… )

But truth is, Max still is at a turning point of exist and prosper or go under
Hope Frank will succeed in turning the ship arround, he came in too late to change much for 2014 but i’m curious about longterm plans …


I don’t know english words to express how i felt cheated a couple of days ago, when 3ds max crashed and damaged scene file (and 3 auto backups were damaged too!) so i had to use previous file version.

Some some sort of “protected file write” routine must be added.


I don’t think it would be too much for me to say, we could be going back to a system similar to how things were done before the yearly release dates. Focused problem solving of issues as opposed to cool script integration. A lot of the questions asked were responded to with favorable reports of work moving in the right direction. I think the best thing thats happened is Frank DeLise. Tbh, 3dsmax is central to that guy and I think he will do what it takes to continue making max better for the users as opposed to just doing something every year to get us to keep paying.
I can say there were 4 things I was happy with in the presentation, and two other very big things that are in the pipline for 3dsmax that will round it out completely.


It was refreshing when he said about how in the early releases they’d boast about adding 1,000 new features, now they boast about fixing 1,000 bugs.


The funny thing is that Frank was actually on the Maya team before switching over to the Max team :p. But i don’t know for how long he was with THEM. Only that he forced a poor well-known 3ds Max 3rd party dev soul over to the Maya side and made him do Maya work for Autodesk ( and still currently is doing AFAIK ) :argh:


It may looked like one, but it wasn’t a rant at all.
my point was that even with those beta leaks all over the internet, and all the
serious competition (Maya / Softimage) back in the days, there was no harm done,
in fact, max was getting stronger and more stable in every release, I think max R9
was the peak of that road, after that, some how max started to get weird here and there.
So, I don’t understand why so much secrecy, If they where talking about futures plans,
ok I get that.

But why can people talk about the 2014 release at this point?
that was mainly my point.

Cheers! :beer:


Because they have to deliver what is announced within 30 days due to US regulations, as they are a publicly traded company.

Presumably to stop companies announcing things to bump up stock and not delivering.

I’m not quite sure why they can show some tech - even down to having an open beta, but not other things.


ok, that put some logic to it.


Tech previews and Lab Projects are different as those aren’t official products nor are they ever promised to be included in a future release (even though in the majority of the cases they do end up in the product). Where as product announcements are for official products and must deliver on those items during that financial quarter.

Complicated, confusing, etc, but it is intended to protect users to prevent companies from announcing something to get an influx of money. Without those kind of rules a company could announce something and take years to deliver, or fail to deliver it, or something like that.



Makes sense. If only this applied to all companies, not just publicly traded ones.


I think it only makes sense to apply it to publicly traded ones. If Dave’s Tech Shop down the road wants to promise it’s amazing giga-render box for $10, there’s no harm in it doing so. It might disappoint some people, but it isn’t really a problem. When publicly traded ones do, it can play havoc with the share price.


Oh my, you have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

As matter of fact I’ve modeled in XSI and Max and animated in both Maya and XSI and guess what, XSI’s modeling and animation is at least as good as Max’s modeling and Maya’s animation.


He didn’t seem to be talking about quality but rather integration.


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