Do Penguins fly?


Hello everybody, here is a funny animation about penguins
It is Called “Do Penguins fly?” and was directed by Alban Lelievre.
We really had a lot of fun making it and
we Hope you will enjoy it too!
Thanks for viewing :wink:



I’ve seen it yet, it’s a very funny and great job!

Maybe put one or two screenshots in your post…



Fantastic work! Hilarious too. 5 stars!


I have seen this too and thought it was wonderfully done!



Great job! Myself and classmates are currently working on a group film so we all understand the hard work involved in making a 2 min short. You short film is simple, speaks the motivation well, plus it has very expressive animation. Hats off to you and your friends, you guys did wonderfully on this.

The flying whale was a nice touch.


woa men, nice, really great work; i don´t know why when i saw the title i thought this was gonna be a copycat to the “Kiwi” animation :blush: I was gonna start some flame here.

Very cool and funny story, reminded me a little bit to the dancing frog cartoon of looney toons. Congrats :).

Btw, how did you managed to get so nice quality in youtube? Almost all the videos i´ve seen there, specially cg ones, look like crap.


Now [i]that[i] was some beautiful animation!!!

Was a pleasure to watch! Great job!


I really like the snappiness of the animation. The style is very neat and everything is well integrated. Great work!


Thank you all for your compliments it really make us happy!
We are a new 3d crew since 3 months and it is very promising for the continuation.
If you like this animation we hope that you will like our next one too, there will be a new post very soon :wink:


Thank you all for your compliments it make us really happy.
We are a new 3D crew since only 4 months and it is very promising for us.
We hope that you will like our next animation it will be post very soon on the forum.


Great work man! I really enjoyed the film!



I want to download a quicktime of that, great style.


Yes it was beautiful to watch, I think the style of the motion was really fun. I like the creativeness of your timing and spacing. I just wish I could download a quicktime of it so I could frame by frame it! A pleasure to watch in my opinion.:thumbsup:


wow, very very nice. crazy story, very cool :slight_smile:
one thing i didn’t liked is that his (the photographers) arms sometimes look a bit flat, in some shots…
anyways that’s not a big deal, and anyways its cool cool cool:)


hey guys! good job and great moving pictures! snappy and to the point! BUT … in my opinion the stetchNsquash is sometimes too strong. it gives the character a gummy-look. but maybe you want that and in this case it’s working.

greez fränk


Awesome :slight_smile: Like the other guy I came in here thinking of Kiwi, but got almost the complete opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

Atmosphere was very good, animation worked well. I didnt mind the stretch and squash - it looked like it fit well with the entire theme.


Thank you all! Our name is “Planktoon” and we have others projects in production. their will be online very soon.:wink:


lol. that was funny. I sent it to all my friends on myspace.


Very funny short!!! Not to mention the great snappy animation style you got going there. Reminds me that I got a LOT to learn :stuck_out_tongue:


The animator’s name is Fabrice Senia and he thanks you for all your compliments!!