Do I need Silo if I have C4D and Zbrush?


Hello all!

I haven’t been a forum type of guy until now. Now that I’ve been searching around I’ve found all these new softwares that I haven’t heard much about.

I have an intel based mac and currently use Cinema 4D (mostly because it’s UB). I just purchased Zbrush and am currently waiting for their update.

I hear that Silo was coming out sometime this Spring. Now, my goal is to get into character modeling and animation. I mean that’s something that I’m heavily into. With the C4D and Zbrush combo… would it be worth it to get Silo? I mean, what would silo have that C4D and ZBrush don’t have?


I have no experience with Cinema4d, so I really would not know how Cinema4d compares with Silo modelling-wise. However, the main point for Silo IMO in it’s current form is the topology brush and it’s workflow. It is mostly a dedicated polygon and SDS modeller, and in that, it is awesome. Meaning, it does not render, and it’s material attributes are (for me at least) placeholders for material zones in a dedicated renderer.

Why don’t you download the trial version and see if it suits the way you work?

Now Silo2 will have some tools which will make it quite more powerful, but still is centred on being a dedicated modeller. Tools which other applications also have, but once again, should be easier and more productive thanks to the workflow principle. (IMHO)


No you don’t NEED silo, silo is a poly modeller and there’s really nothing that it can do that C4d Can’t. Sure it has a couple tools that c4d doesn’t but you can live without them. Do you need 2 modellers? Do you feel like transferring your files between 3 programs or 2?

Try and demo, you buy silo for the workflow if it suits you.


Thanx for the brief description Juan. Very helpful.

Swamthing- I don’t “NEED” silo. I was just asking if it was worth buying even if I had C4D and ZBrush. Just didn’t know if it had something to offer that the others didn’t.


Silo is a fine extension to any app. Be it c4d or whatever. Its speed and ease of use make it worth every single one of the 60 or so pound coins I handed over for it. As said, give the demo a spin. If it enhances your productivity, buy it - if it doesn’t, don’t. :slight_smile:


I’ve got C4D (studio bundle + MoGraph) and I still picked up Silo. Try out the demo, like everyone said, but with the topology brush and how fast the workflow is, not to mention the new stuff coming up in Silo 2 (I don’t have zbrush, but it’s still going to have some functionality that ZB currently doesn’t – check the silo forums for more on the ability to sculpt something and then move the base polygons, add to them, etc) – at $109, it’s unbeatable. Even if you don’t use it for the sculpting stuff (in silo 2), it was still definitely worth it to buy it for the topo brush and the modelling workflow.

There’s very little you can do in Silo (1, anyway) that you can’t do in Cinema as far as poly modelling, but once you get the hang of it, a lot of stuff in Silo is a whole lot faster. There’s definitely some things in c4d that are nice and I wish Silo had, but it’s still a great deal.

On an unrelated note, if you’re wanting to get into character animation, while you’re spending money :slight_smile: you should go ahead and pick the Cactus Dan Suite of plugins. It’s about $250 for all of them and currently (and we’ll see if siggraph changes anything) the best thing out there for CA in C4D, IMHO.


I am not sure how proficiant you are in your current tools so forgive me if this does not apply to you. Word of warning. Do not fall into the trap of completely overwhelming yourself with software. Many new users myself included so many years ago, start to collect software before understanding how to use the ones they have fully.

My advice is to focus on your main app(c4d in your case) and dont buy anything new until you are completely certain you need additional tools.

edit- That all said Silo is a fantastic modeler I currently do all modeling in it and finish up in Maya. Fast, simple, and powerful are true descriptions of silo. You can always try the demo it is the best selling tool.


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