DNA project - WIP


Hello all. First I want to sorry for my English and that this work is in Bulgarian. This is a project which I started before a week and I am doing it with my classmate-Nadejda Georgieva. She helps me with biological stuff 10x a lot for this;). I am doing it when i have free time for 1-2 hours per day… We it is about that there are no good 3d bulgarian model of DNA or at least no good for understanding they are made by shperes of chemical groupes so I decided to combine them and help the students in Bulgaria what is DNA about I think to make it with flash menu so people can choose interactively different movie files. Well the software is Maya render is Software Renderer Maya resolutions are different 1024-768 and 800-600 lighting is with default lights, shedars are lambert all the rest is dublicating and …
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14420840/ thease are the Nbases rendered with MentalRay with GI shpere. Just for joke.Well this is where am I now there will be and continue. Thease are animations download them to see (the little arrow) they are made from targa(*.tga) with Vdub ffdshow:mpeg 4 divx compression in Avi
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14517250/ - this is the structure of one nucleotid
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/14531610/ - thease are nbases looked like in my bio textbook. I have few more ready animations now I am making spiralization on DNA but my computer is very slow duron 900 with 256ram and when i want to use twist deformer Maya crashes because i have aroun 350 groupes and my scene is aroun 100mb they are ready already 3600 frames of first part and so i don’t use any textures light effects and ect even in layers it gives me lag with wireframe. Soon I will upload around 35mb compressed. I want to make replication,transkription,translation and RNA. But for now. Just tell me your opinion C&C welcome. For the format i know that it is pretty big but i want it to work for the presentations and etc.


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