DMP Tome of Knowledge


Many thanks to David, Milan and every one else involved in creating this treasure trove!


All <3 for you guys…great answering of Koosha’s question guys!


Hi guys,
Thanks for the advices + clearing up! ^^


Another great repository of resources here!


Not quite mattepainting but also interesting:
Enjoy :slight_smile:


As someone who is just starting to explore this world, this is a huge help especially for material and tutorials which I’ll now be spending all my free time utilising!

Thank you so much for posting this, and if anybody else has links for me to check out that would be great, here’s my Artstation if you want to have a look see how I’m getting on.

Most grateful


Awesome reddit of references for all things!


Here are some nice looking hi-res Swiss Landscape Resources i found few days ago. Seems quite nice for matte painting (private or commercial). There are not free, unfortunately, but quite cheap since you get around 200 high res images for 5 EUR.
I didn’t bought something jet since at the moment i don’t need it but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if it is needed for some project or just learning and stuff like that.

Facebook page -->



Chris Evans is having an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit RIGHT NOW…

Go ask questions.


Thanks Klaudio, great movement happening right now on gumroad/selz giving away all of these high res photos! Will add to Tome. Also these by Reid Southen and Benjamin Nazon: (Photos gathered/by Reid Southen) (200+ skies by Benjamin Nazon)

And hope you guys had a chance to check out that Reddit with Chris Evans, such a legend!!


Good one from Steven Messing, his workflow and tips ad tricks on matte painting and concept art for big titles.


Thanks Klaudio, added!

Also The Met in NYC just released 400K+ worth of high res images from the collections, including the awesome works of Albert Bierstadt and the Hudson River School artists…great for matte painters and any artist for inspiration/reference!


Hello guys!
I put some ref pack from my previous hikes in BC on gumroad.
might be useful for some projects.


Thank you for sharing this with us, Oleksiy. How much are you selling these reference images for?


Hey Milan,
all JPG bundles are free of charge (or whatever people willing to give for it :wink:
I put 10 bucks for 16bit TIFFs and PSDs if someone needs a bit more in terms colors and range.



Awesome, thanks Alex :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting up all of this plethora of information guys. Makes it all that much easier to go around and find something useful :slight_smile:


These links are just incredible, especially those artists.

You guys need to add Nick Hiat, Mike Johnson, Maxx Burman, Steve Corman.
In no way can my name be up there, im not even that close to that good!!!

Truly humbling to see these artists and their works. Stunning!


Thanks Ian! So many new artists since I made this and those are wonderful additions :slight_smile: I’ll add them. Great to see you’re involved with!


Hi guys,
I uploaded some free photo packs on gumroad and artstation marketplace.
Feel free to use them in your projects!

Cheers, Marvin