DMP Self-Challenge - first proposal.


Continuing the idea started in thread “DMP Mini Challenge 014 - May 2016 - The Sky Beneath Our Feet”:

Here is my proposal of how it could look:

  1. People.
    Everyone is welcome :).

  2. Theme.
    Everyone who would like to participate can propose theme for the challenge (or support theme of other participant). For example - my proposal is “Jungle”. From this point everyone interprets it in her/his own way. So it could be jungle by itself, base in the jungle, alien spaceship crashed long time ago in the jungle or… here comes the creativity. Of course themes can be more specific and more strictly defined if you wish. There could be even some initial plates as a startpoint for everyone. At the end of the month (last 3 days for example) we would vote and chose one theme. I’m sure we can figure out something if there will be dead-heat or everyone will vote for their own theme ;).

  3. Time.
    One month (as it was in challenges provided by David and Milan). Starting July. This could be every month or once every two months for example (with one month break for our private projects and ideas).

  4. Place.
    And here I have a question to David and Milan - could we use this forum to try bring this Self-Challenges to live?

  5. Prizes.

  • Skills.
  • Image for portfolio.
  • Fun in good company :).

So… this is my proposal. Now… your thoughts :).


Current themes for July:

Theme 01__(Votes: 0 )
Theme 02__(Votes: 0 )
“DMP inspired by “Avatar”.”[/ul]
Theme 03__(Votes: 1 )
“Alien planet.”[/ul]
Theme 04__(Votes: 0 )
“Re-imagine an existing environment from a well known franchise.”[/ul]
Theme 05__(Votes: 3 )
“Translation of screenshot/area from a game into a photo-realistic environment.”[/ul]


Hi Jonatan,

Good idea.

I’m ready to start for the july contest :slight_smile: I stay tuned for the “GO” to find a theme


Hi guys,

Nice idea Jonatan, I’d love to join in these :slight_smile:


Great idea, I don’t see a reason why the forum leaders would have a problem with it, but lets see what they say first I think.


Ha! So great to see your response! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it on the move! To be honest I’d love to start right away but… let’s stick to the plan - It’s only two weeks after all. Maybe more people will join us in that time and… let’s see what our Forum Leaders will say. I feel similar as you Felipe but I think it would be rude to start something like this without even asking.

In the meantime we can think about our proposals of themes for July (and post it here - no need to be shy :wink: ). I think it wouldn’t be bad to give some description about how we want these themes to be treated - more like a freestyle or more strictly. First way is good for experimenting, seeking our own way and will make our portfolios more unique. On the other hand matte painting (from what I’ve learned here) is usually about following the brief and fulfill the task described by customer, so… probably the best way is to find the balance. Some Challenges could be more freestyle, others - more like following the brief from hypothetical employer. But… our votes will show the way :slight_smile:

Best regards to all of you.


Hii all, Thats great idea, i’d join.



I propose for the first self DMP Challenge a theme inspired by Avatar.


Great to see you taking the initiative here Jon! Regarding using this forum, my only worry is that you guys don’t have the ability to sticky the threads and so it might get a little messy if so without it. What I think you can do to get around that is to make a master thread yourself, and continually edit it and keep the first post of it updated to be the latest contest and month. It will go back to the top if anyone replies to it so that’s another easy way to keep it in everyone’s vision.

We may find a better solution for you guys to self run the challenges in the future, but keep going with what you have here!


What a wonderful news this morning! Thank you David for your response and for supporting us here. Now we have gas in tank! :arteest:

As for master thread - I also thought about it. Unless someone other would like to - I can take care of it. To keep master thread closer to the top of the list, we can use it also as a place for proposals of themes for the next month (that would give a reason to post other than “Hi there! I’m writing this only to put this thread on top…” :wink: ).

It’s also great to see new participant here. Ferly - welcome on board! Looks like there could be at least five of us for the start.

“Theme inspired by Avatar” - noted sir! “Avatar” - one of the most beloved by everyone who loves CG, so… it wouldn’t be bad to go that way. In fact I have an idea in my mind already for both current themes - jungle and “Avatar”. Other participants - please, don’t hesitate to post your proposals here. We will vote for July’s theme next week!


P.S. Looks like it will be crazy month for me because I would like to finish my submission for EXPOSÉ 12 till end of July (why not to try?.. and yet - time to put something to portfolio finally), but I really wouldn’t like to miss this first DMP Self-Challenge, so… yeah - it will be crazy :twisted: .


A Good news from threat master,Thanks Jonatan.


I am also up for a jungle or Alien planet/ Avatar theme for July. I think an alien planet theme might be more open ended for people.


Nice to see you here Jack :). If I understand correctly, you want to add “Alien planet” to current proposals of themes?

To stay organized, I edited first post in this thread and placed there list of current proposals of themes for July. I will also update this list with the votes. Voting starts tomorrow, so if someone would like to add something to this list - now is the time :deal: .



Hi Jonathan,
Yeah, I thought Alien planet would be an alternative to the Avatar theme, incase people wanted to do some new crazy designs.

It would be good to get other thoughts on the themes.



Roll on July, I’m in :slight_smile: Alien planet sounds great! And hey David, nice to see the support of this idea too :smiley:

I was thinking that maybe we could re-imagine an existing environment from a well known franchise? For e.g re-imagine the floating mountains in Pandora -Avatar, or even from the game world. I suppose the problem with this idea is, its already imagined and the temptation to follow the existing idea would be too great. Brainstorm challenge on Facebook often propose to re-imagine existing franchise environments and characters though…

Or maybe…we could translate a screenshot/area from a game into a photo-realistic environment with our creative flare, but staying true to the general mood and style. The challenge is greater with games as there will be a lot of interpreting to do, in order for it to translate to photo-realism.

Using the WC movie as e.g


Great to see energy growing here! Nice ideas Aaron :beer: - I’ve added both to the list. To be honest currently I’m possessed by floating mountains - my mind is drawn to the world of Pandora once again… I hope I can find the way to avoid temptation you’ve mentioned. But as for theme for our first Self-Challenge, I think it wouldn’t be bad if it would be as much freestyle as possible. First - it’s The First. Second - it’s July, time of vacations and journeys so… let’s have some fun, let’s chill out during an imaginery travel to another planet. I vote for “Alien planet”. Well… with that theme we can explore other themes and ideas anyway.

By the way - I think we can consider voting process as started. I will update list of themes for the votes as you will post your preferences here. And… on Friday we will see what will be the first DMP Self-Challenge here! :smiley:


P.S. As for “Warcraft” movie I have to confess that last Friday I saw that movie on the big screen… fourth time… This is sick, I know :twisted:.


Hi guys,

I vote for the theme number 5 :

“Translation of screenshot/area from a game into a photo-realistic environment”

I know, I had proposed a theme from avatar, but the number 5 looks more attractive for me.

Even if I am not very good for photo realistic, that’s the opportunity to learn more and improve my work in this field.



Well… looks like it’s July already and there are only two votes (not to mention - two different votes :wink: ). In that case I think it will be better to wait till end of just-starting-weekend and then we will see…



Or, we could start this self challenge by 2 DMP :hmm:


Hi Michael. If during this weekend won’t be other votes, then sure - let’s do it that way! What I wrote about starting this with only two or three participants involved is still valid, so I’m glad that you’re still interested :). On Monday I will create master thread with two themes (unless other people show up). By the way - did you have already chosen a game for startpoint?



I interesting in jungle them, but many game has jungle them, so I vote for them number 5.