DMP Mini Challenge 014 - May 2016 - The Sky Beneath Our Feet


I’m in for continue with your idea !!


Thank you Milan and David for the long running challenges!
I wish I could of participated in more of them. I really appreciate the community that was built. Good job to everyone that got involved!

I am also up for trying to continue these challenges one way or another. Im interested to hear how you propose how to set up the new community challenges.



Looks like there could be at least three of us for the start :). Enough for me to try it. I don’t want to make too much off-topics here, so if someone would be interested, here are “some ideas about how it might look exactly” mentioned before:


P.S. Everyone is welcome of course :).


Congrats all winners :beer:


ahhh and still no comments on my piece…? :frowning: