DMP Mini Challenge 013 - December 2015 - Pit Stop


Vimeo just changed their settings, and removed the download original file option. On Dec 4th this was still working fine. Now it says:
This video’s resolution is 1920x1080. By default, we automatically display HD footage in 720p for better playback. If you’d prefer to display your work in 1080p, there’s an option for that. Vimeo Plus and PRO members have the ability to view their videos in 1080p. By default, 1080p videos will play in 720p on Vimeo. To display footage in 1080p, you’ll need to upgrade your video under the “Video File” tab of your Video Settings page.
Meaning, as of this week you’ll need to pay for something that was free before.
We’ll figure something out but meanwhile just go ahead and use the 1280 HD size. You can upload your final at 720p if we can’t get this resolved quickly enough.

Sorry about that everybody.


Thanks for the prompt reply Seema!
720p is enough for me to start and will be waiting for 1080p footage to use in final matte painting.


I got my problems fixed with both Mari and Nuke. I may switch to learning Fusion however as Nuke Non-Commercial only lasts until next month. I’m not sure what happens after then.

Cool, looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on at DN. Pint would be good with yourself if I’m ever in London, which I’m sure I will be someday! Same offer extended to yourself, buddy, if you’re ever kicking about Edinburgh area!


Original file and 1080p available now at


Vimeo says: This setting will be retired soon. Learn more about adaptive streaming and how it will impact your videos.


Thank you, Milan!


Hi, I don’t know if this has been asked yet, but are we allowed to cut down the time on the original clip? I’ve roughly tried my piece with 8 secs, reducing by nearly half and it has a nice subtle feel to it. Thanks guys,


I think that’ll be fine, it’s really how much you have time for in animating it all in the end, and how the final product looks.

Milan: What!? That’s a shame…original download was really cool a feature.


Each month we feature a professional guest judge from the industry in order to assist us in judging these monthly mini DMP challenges. For the month of December 2015, please welcome Piotr Swigut!

Piotr is a self taught matte painter from Poland. His first job landed him in California where he had pleasure to meet a wonderful team of people working at Blizzard Entertainment. Later on he tried his skills with live action films: Conan the Barbarian and Prometheus.

Currently, Piotr is freelancing from Poland with various companies, working on TV series, commercials and video games.

Halo 5 Cinematic dmp:

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King cinematic dmp:

Ripper Street (before):

Ripper Street (after):

Grey Goo cinematic dmps:

Conan film dmp:

See more of Piotr’s work on his Facebook Artist Page:


Finally, what all things do we have to submit?
what should be the format and medium of the concept art? (hand drawn or digital)
Do we have to just submit a thumbnail or the video too in addition with the thumbnail?


Suhas, just check the first message in the thread:

  1. Download the 1080p HD clip from
  2. A conceptual art piece visualizing your idea of the finished shot at a 2.40:1 aspect ratio
  3. One image of the finished Matte Painting colour matched to the footage, without any grading
  4. Your final colour corrected shot embedded as online video at a 2.4 ratio, submitted before 2016


Hi I am unable to find the option to upload my video online here. Anyone plese let me know the procedure to upload the file, along with the address.


im guessing that its too late to take this on… when will there be a new DMP challenge in 2016?


Heyo Hemanth,

Please upload the video to a video host of your choosing that can be publicly viewed, preferably YouTube or Vimeo, and then post the link to your video in your own WIP thread.


And the winners for December 2015’s challenge are…

1st: Dave Tipper

  • A spot in CGWorkshop of choice

David’s comments: Second time in a row, Dave you’re doing quite well :slight_smile: Congrats on first place again! I believe yours is the most realistic and animated in comp, especially great for the winter season. The snow looks pretty good composited in, and the extra glazing of snow on the ground is great for the texture. Lovely atmospherics in this one, with the downplay of a lot of the brighter sunset type lighting in the original plate. You really turned it into a gloomy overcast day. Nice hiding of the brighter horizon sky in the video by stopping the garage halfway there, still works as the car will fit under there still. The sign rotating plays nicely. I’d have the pole’s lighting from the sign be more subdued such as it would in an overcast day rather than a stronger right side key light. Also the BG buildings are great in scale, but is going too blurry for this wide of a shot, with the focus point being pretty far away so I would expect it all to be in focus here. Great job overall!

2nd: Andrew Burles

  • An ArtRage Lite licence

Milan’s comments: I think this is great as it is. Almost perfect. You could take it and plug it right into the movie already. It has the perfect amount of subtly while still showing the maximum possible creativity within a very strict realistic boundary. It’s photo-real. Congratulations. I am very happy with this result. The approach, hard work, attention to detail and documentation of the process are also outstanding. Just the right amount of everything without too much information or distraction. If I could be nit-picky with the final image it’d be regarding the sign and the artificial light on it. Try to beat it up a bit more and integrate it better by adding dirt etc. You’ve already done a good amount of “imperfecting” on it and it might just be the large amount of white within the design but something makes it stand out to much and you don’t want to make the shot about a big bright sign. Lower the saturation maybe and try making it less distracting. The fall-off of the light could also be too harsh. In a real studio environment a compositor would assist you with the proper integration of that. All in all. Very impressive.

3rd: Vera Sakhnuk

  • One 3D World Pro package

Piotr’s comments: Solid work! I like the quality of the whole image - there is plenty of details. Love the factory in the background. Overall atmosphere and quality is very good.
Why isnt it 100% successful? In my opinion because the focus of the shot was to see the “Jack’s Garage”. The other dmps had nice animated signs that catched the viewer attention and brought life to the pit. Whereas in your shot when we see it in first seconds our eyes go to the right side silhouette of that shack, and this is not what we need to look at. Maybe some clothes hanging on the line? Some more interest and life. Also please check black levels ( especially in the area of highest contrast) and some of the edges could work better with a bit of lightwrap. Overall very good work!

The prizes for top 3 placements are:

1st Prize:

  • A spot in CGWorkshop of choice
  • Feedback on your work from David Luong

2nd Prize:

  • An ArtRage Lite licence
  • Feedback on your work from Milan Schere

3rd Prize:

  • One 3D World Pro package
  • Feedback on your work from our professional guest judge, Piotr Swigut

Congrats to all! Thanks to everyone for joining. Hope you enjoyed this spooky themed challenge. We’ll be back in 2016 some time!


[SIZE=2][SIZE=3]Congrats to winners ![/SIZE][/SIZE]

Thanks for this challenge
Thank you for this challenge gave me the opportunity to work on real moving images for the first time . I learned a lot on AfterEffects . It was really interesting to realize.
Do you have information on the next challenge?


Looking forward for judges’ comments.


Working on it already but it’ll take a while to get it all in place with sponsors etc.
You guys need something to win, plus the brief itself always has to meet a wide spectrum of skillsets.

Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you want to stay in touch meanwhile. As always, post your regular DMP thingies into the forum here:


Congratulations to the winners! Great works!



Congratulations to the winners, they look amazing!


Really good job guys! Was a great challenge that month.