DMP Mini Challenge 012 - October 2015 - Allison Road


Thank you! :slight_smile:
So there isn’t any challenge in this month(November), right?


thanks so much
That’ll be fun!


I just put the new challenge up for you guys:
Made it a bit trickier this time. Merry Christmas ya’ll.


How do you claim your copy of 3d world?


Thank You!


Hi Guys,

Excited about any future upcoming challenges.
I’m sure you’re all busy but I was wondering if/when there might be any feedback and critique on the 3 winning images for Allison Road challenge?

Thanks, and understand things might be busy.


Please, accept our apologies for the delay. David and I are currently in the process of catching up, and also working hard on putting the new challenge together, which will launch in April. Probably, won’t get it ready in time for April 1st but get ready… it’s coming! Soonish…