DMP Mini Challenge 012 - October 2015 - Allison Road


Hello, I’m new to CGSociety. I’ve created an account to participate in this Allison Road DMP challenge and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I am forum illiterate, if you know what I mean.

I know that I’m pretty late to participate, but I read that’s its necessary to submit 2 WIP for review and need some directions on where and how to do so w/o cluttering up the forums. Thanks in advance & I apologize for any inconvenience.


Hio Lobst5r,

Welcome to the challenge! Sure, all you have to do to enter, is create your own thread in the main forum here with this syntax as the title “October 2015 - Your Real First and Last Name”:

Post all of your work there in one thread. That’s it, good luck!


Hi All my R&D and ideagenaration


Hi guys. When and where do we find out the winners ?


We’re figuring out the winners now with the judges, and will announcement them in this thread soon!


Cool. Thanks for letting me know I’m new here :slight_smile:


Sad I missed this last one, the work looks amazing! Any chance for a Nov challenge?


Heyo Scott,

We may be taking another break for November, but hopefully December!


Edit: December’s winning thread was misplaced, if you’re looking for the winners of “Pit Stop”, go here in the December 2015 thread Sorry about the confusion! -David

And the winners for October 2015’s challenge are…

1st: Dave Tipper

David’s comments: Coming soon!

2nd: Lee Rouse

Milan’s comments: There are a couple of ways, I think you could improve this image. I’ve posted an image for visual clarification into your thread. Firstly, you can separate light from dark by making the warm/cool contrast stronger and more obvious. The overall image is lacking a certain contrast. Emphasize on the light/dark play here. Have a shadow side and a bright side because the entire environment feels like a stylized fantasy world. Make use of that ability to fake the lighting to create visual interest and a focal point. Which brings me to the next thing: Depth of field. Try not to have everything at the same level of textural detail or it will become very noisy. Imagine a rack focus, or a lens with the aperture wide open. Ultimately, leading the eye begins with your composition and framing. Study the rule of thirds and try to get your points of interest closer to that while maintaining a visual rhythm. I warped things into place in my example. Lines (directional and indirect) can help achieve the same thing but it’s a bit more of an in-your-face type of tool. Keep these points in mind when you create your next Matte Painting.

3rd: Jack Stevens

Chris’ comments: Coming Soon!

The prizes for top 3 placements are:

1st Prize:

  • Allison Road T-Shirt (if campaign is successful)
  • Allison Road game for console (xBox or PS4)
  • A spot in CGWorkshop of choice
  • A coupon code for a free year of Autodesk SketchBook Pro
  • One Krita USB stick bundle
  • A free digital subscription for 1 year (13 issues) of 3D World

2nd Prize:

  • Allison Road poster (if campaign is successful)
  • Allison Road game for PC or Mac
  • A coupon code for a free year of Autodesk SketchBook Pro
  • Krita Muses digital download
  • One year subscription to Advanced Photoshop magazine

3rd Prize:

  • Allison Road eBook Making Of
  • A coupon code for a free year of Autodesk SketchBook Pro
  • Secrets of Krita digital download
  • An ArtRage Lite licence

There are no runner-up prizes but 3D World offers everyone who enters a final submission one free digital issue of their magazine. No strings attached.

Allison Road - Considered the spiritual successor of P.T., the playable teaser for the cancelled video game Silent Hills, Allison Road is an upcoming first-person survival horror video game created by Christian Kesler:

Advanced Photoshop Magazine - Published by Imagine Publishing, Advanced Photoshop is the essential resource for creative professionals wanting to master high-end, commercial Photoshop skills. Focusing on cutting-edge trends and created by industry professionals, this trusted brand delivers world-leading step-by-step techniques in matte and digital painting:

Autodesk SketchBook Pro - Developed by Autodesk, SketchBook® Pro helps digital artists design with professional-grade perspective tools and an intuitive user interface. The program supports layers with import and export of Photoshop format. Other features include rulers, symmetry, the ability to customize brushes, create texture brushes, and rotate the canvas:

Krita - The only real painting application for Linux, Krita is also available for Mac and Windows. The Software has been developed with Matte Painting, Concept Art, Texturing and Comic Book Illustration in mind:

3D World Magazine - The planet’s best-selling magazine for CG artists, covering the fields of animation, VFX, games and arch-viz. Every month, you’ll enjoy brand-new tutorials written by some of the leading creators in CG, providing practical guides to help you create amazing artwork or animation and explaining essential techniques to help you develop your 3D skills:

Ambient Design ArtRage Lite - A realistic painting program for Windows & Mac OSX, part of the range of ArtRage painting apps from Ambient Design. ArtRage offers something different to the standard digital art program: a bit messier, a bit more room for inspiration, and extremely flexible. No other program offers the gorgeous textures, easy colour mixing and creative freedom that ArtRage does:

Delivery of the prizes is the responsibility of the sponsors, not CGSociety.

Congrats to all! Thanks to everyone for joining. Hope you enjoyed this spooky themed challenge. We’ll be back in 2015 some time!


Really good work this month everyone! Really glad to be part of it and im looking forward to the new challenge in december!

Thanks for organising this!


Congratz to winners, can’t wait for next challenge. Roll on December :slight_smile:


Congrats guys. Really good work! Thanks for the challenge it was really fun


Really awesome work everyone! There were quite a few great entries and it was quite tough to choose the winners. Congrats and well done!! :slight_smile:


Great thanks I will keep my eye out for the Dec project!

Congrats everyone on the amazing work this past month. Inspiring work


holy moses. nice work. congratulations to the winners!


Congrats to winners and all others


Congrats to winners…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Awesome works… well deserved!


When is the next challenge starting???


We’re thinking maybe December, keep an eye out!