DMP Mini Challenge 011 - May 2015 - Age of Destruction


Congratulations Jonathan and Tibor!
It was great to see such creative entries from everyone this month.

Thankyou David and Milan for hosting these competitions, they really help me push myself and stay motivated. I look forward to hearing from you guys again in the new year, good luck with the Workshop. :slight_smile:


Congrats to Andrew and Jonathan! Each work are fantastic one

I would like to say thanks David and Milan that you were opened and manage this contest. It is very useful and it helps to increase skills. We are going to meet on September, Have a great summer! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tamas! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winners! Stellar work. It was great seeing every bodies progress over the course of the challenges. Looking forward to their return!


I just saw the result ! Congratulation Andrew and Tibor, your work are fantastic ! But even more thanks for David, Brenton and milan, we all know that managing a Challenge + working + your own life it is really not an easy task, so Big thanks for you guys too ! See you everyone in September for new matte paintings !


Congrats everyone! Some really nice entries and you guys deserved it!

Thank you David and Milan for hosting these workshops(although I’ve only joined one of them, I’ve been lurking here for some time).


Congratulations Andrew, Jonathan and Tibor! Very good works!
See you soon in the next challenge…
Daniele + ASC


Well done everyone,



Awesome work from the winners!
Congratulations to all!

I look forward to hear back from the forum!

Kinds regards,
Felipe Izidro


Hi guys, well, i am motivated on the summer for finish this late DMP job :slight_smile: and through on the whole process… so i am posted here with add some alien form from the ground, cheers,

its my 2nd Matte in my art career…



(jpg 37% compression)


It’s coming…