DMP Mini Challenge 011 - May 2015 - Age of Destruction


i have a question …can we use elements like fire and smoke??and the other thing is that foe extension can we change the road


Generally we are to avoid adding any animated elements that would be added later onto the final DMP.

I think we are okay to change the road in the extension as it is up to us how we wish to extend it.


Would it be possible to have a breakdown of the results afterwards? That could be a source of inspiration for beginners.


looks like an interesting challenge - might throw my hat in the ring this time…bit of a late starter, but will see what I can get done in time.


Is it possible to flip the image?


If it was your first time posting, it probably went through post validation. I think you’re good to go now, sorry for the delay!

Atmospherics such as Haze is ok (since it doesn’t really move) but things like fire/smoke would be part of an FX artist’s role to add in, so don’t worry about that in this challenge.

Not sure what you mean, as the challenge itself requires participants post their works in progress for us to follow along and for anyone else to learn their process if they wish. There isn’t a need for any formal breakdown.

Welcome to the challenge Lincoln! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

You can flip it to “refresh” your eyes and canvas once in a while (or for your WIP’s), but please post the final in the same orientation as the original plate plus the extension for comparison sake.


Hello everyone,

I’m a very new member of cgScociety and as well of this amazing matte painting Challenge !

I will do my best to finish this challenge on time, it is very late I know :cry:

Good luck everyone ! I saw some Wip matte painting, they look really good :keenly:

Cheers all


Hey guys,

Awesome challenge! Especially for me, as a beginner, it’s a great!

I was wondering how I’ve to enter the competition exactly?
I’ve started working already, but where do I have to show WIP’s? Here?
And what if I can’t finish the matte, my work is very unpredictable!:slight_smile:

Looking forward to your respons.



Hi Koenleerink, welcome to the forum!

The detailed rules for the competition are at the top of this thread. But to participate in the competition, return to the main page and create a new thread entitled “May 2015 - <Your name>”.

If you do not finish in time, not to worry, you can always enter next months competition. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help Andrew, exactly right! Good luck Koenleerink.


Each month we feature a professional guest judge from the industry in order to assist us in judging these monthly mini DMP challenges. For the month of May 2015, please welcome Brenton Cottman!

Brenton graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC where he studied Illustration and traditional realist oil painting with the goal of illustrating book covers and comics. However, while pursuing a side interest in computer graphics he quickly found steady work on small arch-viz, and video game projects. Deciding to combine both interests in CG and Illustration, Brenton put together a reel focusing on digital matte painted environments eventually leading him to his first work in film as a Digital Matte Painter in 2005. He has since been working primarily as a Digital Matte Painting Lead and Conceptual Illustrator for feature film vfx studios.

With 10 years experience working for a variety of clients such as Weta Digital, ILM, and Digital Domain, Brenton has been involved in numerous high profile projects leading matte painting work on films such as the Hobbit Trilogy, Dawn Planet of the Apes, the Avengers, and Avatar for which he received the Visual Effects Society award for “Outstanding Matte Paintings in a Feature Motion Picture”.

Outside of vfx, Brenton continues his interests in traditional art and Illustration developing side projects and plein air landscape studies documenting his time in NZ. Examples of Brenton’s work:

Cliff Dwellings personal art:


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:

The Hobbit:

See more of Brenton’s work on his website:


Good Afternoon Everyone.

Attached is my first WIP, please tell me what you think. It’s the clean plate with the set extension. There are a few tiny people in the background but I am pretty sure I am putting some devastation directly over them. So now that I have a clean plate, I think I am going to start destroying the city tonight. LOL Please let me know what you think.



Dear Beth,

Thank you very much for your participation. To enter the competition, could you please create a new thread here with the DATE of challenge and name such as: “May 2015 - Beth Matias” and post your WIP as well as final entry there?

Thank you again.
Best Wishes,


The judges are going to have a seriously hard time picking the top three winners this month.


For sure that, and our workshop starting in a few days might delay results :stuck_out_tongue:


We all want to join you in the workshop David :wink: Good luck to everyone


Hi all,
I know may is ended, but i am joined and i want finish my second dmp for my pleasure :wink:

Csaba Kemeri

first wip


Sorry it took us longer to do this than anticipated for this month. And the winners for May 2015’s challenge are…

1st: Andrew Burles

Milan’s comments: Good job on winning this. Here are a few pointers in case you wish to
push the image further. I think the scale of the car closest to us
could be bigger. While you’ve done a great job with the shadow play,
pay attention to how much bounce light you add in the mid-ground,
especially on screen right on the dark side. One has to be really
nit-picky going through this image because your technical execution is
quite good. Creatively, I’d recommend not having the large glass
surfaces draw so much attention. It helps if you decide early on where
you want us all to be looking at and then manipulating the scene in a
way which aids your goal. At this point it’s just going into
brainstorming and the longer you look at it, the more ideas you
develop. Putting yourself into the moment is really the key.
Especially with such a familiar landscape, where it’s easier to
imagine yourself on site as opposed to Middle Earth.

David’s comments: Coming Soon!

Brenton’s comments: Coming Soon!

2nd: Jonathan Tan

Milan’s comments: Great job, Jonathan. I find your entry to be the most creative. Some
of the technical execution appears to have more of a concept art flair
to it but that can be remedied. Think about what elements you want
sharp and where you don’t want any attention drawn towards. Contrast
is a form of this. Dirty big clean walls a bit to make them fall out
of sight, and such. Integration, as well as matching the colour
temperature of materials, is important, otherwise you end up with bits
and pieces having different tints and looking somehow off. Some wonky
perspective thingies going on here and there which make stuff not sit
perfectly, as well. Nonetheless, very creative visual storytelling,
and you’ve hit most of your marks.

David’s comments: Coming Soon!

Brenton’s comments: Coming Soon!

3rd: Tibor Nadas

Milan’s comments: I like the teal and orange grade on this. I’m not fond of the
saturation of some elements. Especially the three different red spots
in the frame. It’s a real effort to get out of the little triangle
they create, in order to take in the rest. You have good ideas and an
understanding of how to achieve a final image but it seems as if the
overall picture would have been lost, or not really thought through.
The buildings in the background are not quite finished and look almost
like cut outs here. Also check your sky blue against the atmospherics
and the reflections. You must concentrate on attention to detail while
maintaining an overall balance. The bottom line is that you are on the
right track and if you love what you do, you’ll get there. Good luck,
and keep it up.

David’s comments: Coming Soon!

Brenton’s comments:Coming Soon!

The winners will be getting:

1st Prize: 1 x CGWorkshop, 1 xCGTOD, 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 Year of CGSConnect Membership
2nd Prize: 1x CGTOD, 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 Year of CGSConnect Membership
3rd Prize: 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 Year of CGSConnect Membership
Honorable Mention: 1 Year of CGSConnect Membership

Congrats to all! Thanks to everyone for joining. We will now be taking a sabbatical and will hopefully resume our DMP challenges some time in the May. Hope you all had a great time this past year!!


I thanks you for all and above I thank so much for making me discover a new world … I will continue . Good sabbatical ! ; )


Congrats to everybody!
Mainly for you, Tibor :slight_smile: