DMP Mini Challenge_007 - January 2015 - Architectural De-Modernization


oh… was wondering that too, so I guess its not ‘great - accentuating - knick knacks’ ? :slight_smile:


Go for it guys!! Whoever comes up with the awesomest acronym gets a digital high five across the interwebs. Get creative, can’t wait to see what you all come up with. I’ll share with the people at our studio…

We always say at the beginning of every challenge that they’re for everyone to participate and meant to be fun. This is your chance to really have fun. Sorry, no prizes, other than the chance to invent an industry-wide explanation of a professional term which might stick around for the rest of VFX history. Ha


That would be “GAKK”

I think it’s “Gazillions of Additional Krap” :smiley:


No problem. I understand. I should have checked back through the thread just to be sure.

Thanks so much for the feedback, Milan. Looking forward to David’s remarks, but the comments you and Jason provided were great. Really made me aware of thinking more critically about future mattes, especially the lighting. Still trying to shake the concepty-illustrative style that permeated both this and my September entry.

Onward and upward. Cheers!


don’t forget to post your regular mattepainting work in our usual forum here:


I just posted my comments and image write ups, sorry for the delay all! Another great month for sure. Again, so many great entries out there for January. Looking forward to February’s!!

Haha, I guess it could be defined for us as “doodads” or “junk” and “stuff” scattered on the ground for dress up.