DMP Mini Challenge_007 - January 2015 - Architectural De-Modernization


I think to be perfectly honest the only thing that is a little perhaps uninspiring with the results this time, is that three industry professionals who have already made it in this business got top three. I’m sure there are others, students perhaps, who could have benefited more from the workshop/cgtod,books etc, who produced good results, but that’s just my opinion.

Echoing Thaddeus, again no disrespect intended to anyone. I for one really appreciate the time you put into making these challenges and am improving constantly thanks to you guys as are many here, and its not about winning its about learning. Developing artistically/ technically, having fun and collaborating on ideas and processes. That being said though this is a competition and there has to be winners, and I just felt it was a little bit of a shame that some novices, aspiring artists or students couldn’t have been rewarded for their effort.

Anyway… its a new month now and I hope the new challenge comes soon! (I keep checking for it) and I’m sure I’m no different than anyone else here, I’m looking forward to it. Not long left this month to put something together though but as always I’m in regardless! :slight_smile:

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The monthly challenges have often been won by people that either have worked or are working professionally as concept artists or matte painters. Just because someone is working professionally does not mean they must sit on the sidelines, never to participate in the community.

I’m disappointed in the last few replies diminishing the winners’ works and the judges’ choices.

Congratulations to the winners and many of the other entries were also great! Best of luck next month.


Its not a case of being dissapointed, you disagree that’s your decision. There’s nothing malicious about anything that’s been said here, just people sharing their opinions.

I will say though that seeing as though you strongly disagree I’ll elaborate further now and share some thoughts.

Its my honest belief that industry proffesionals shouldn’t need to enter competitions like this, because truthfully what do they have to gain? If your resume is filled with top blockbuster films/games, or any film/game for that matter, what more could you want? I’m sorry I just don’t understand it. They have already made it, suceeded and achieved their dream jobs where as many here have not yet, and need as much help as possible to get there. Some of the people here are students and of course on a budget and struggling to get by, entering competitions like this is a massive opportunity to win extra training and resources to help them improve. How do they stand a chance when competing with people who are working at the top of their field, don’t you think that might be a little discouraging for people? Or do you believe an expensive workshop is better in the hands of someone who has a full time job as a matte artist who is in a much better of a position to pay for it themselves, as aposed to a matte painting student on a budget?

I’m really trying to be fair here with my point and getting it across constructively. As I stated in my last post I honestly believe its not about winning, its about learning. But this is a competition and the rewards could sometimes be more beneficial in the hands of a learner, again my opinion and I’m sorry you disagree.


Hi guys,
I’m sorry to hear that some of you feel frustrated by the fact that the winners are all professionals, but one of the great things about these challenges that we’ve always held on this site is that they bring together artists from across the spectrum, from beginner to professional. The idea where is that everyone can learn something.
With regards to sentiments being expressed about the prizes, I guess I’ll come as a surprise to some of you that even professionals enrol in online courses and such to improve their work. You never get to a point where you know everything, and that’s yet another reason why even professionals enter challenges; they like to challenge themselves so they can develop.

Let’s please keep this thread positive. If you have complaints about anything, please feel free to contact myself or another administrator privately.


Hello Leigh,

I totally understand the platform and reasoning behind allowing professionals to enter, I support that trust me, and It certainly hasn’t discouraged me, I’ve entered every month regardless of outcome. I’am just speaking on behalf of others and a general point of view of how it can be perceived. It just would of been nice to have a student/beginner/novice to break up the winners ratio which can be an encouraging thing for them, because there was so many fantastic entries and a lot of new people entered.

Anyway, your totally right this should be kept positive, and sometimes when people believe so strongly in something it can escalate quite rapidly and this is not the place.

Thank you for your comment
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oh oh oh!
It’s hot tonight!

First, I believe that everyone has the right to participate since the forum was created for that …
I personally think that the participation of professionals can only be good for students as for lovers
of mattepainting: raising the level they push us to excel.
For me finish first in this competition means that we have managed to attract the attention of judges
(whose reputation is already done) and it is the most important …

If I understand correctly, Daazed just requires a little more attention to students / amateurs
and I agree with him because without your looks, our participation is useless.

Many of us will never mattepainter professional but if we participate it is primarily for the comments
and I think that professionals are not doing enough about the work of some students and amateurs participant.
After 40 hours of work, only the comments of the best mattepainter can motivate you to continue…

For my part I will continue to participate as much as possible because for me it is a competition, not a game
and one day I will do better than the professionals and you too Daazed !!! Be careful !!! ahahaha !!!

I hope that everyone understands my English or I’m sorry



Exactly Steph, I meant no harm. I just want the people who aren’t established artists to keep entering and not be discouraged and that’s in the best interests of everyone here, because to be fair it can be intimidating just as much as rewarding to go against professionals.

Anyway I won’t be saying anything else on the matter now as its already gotten quite lengthy, but seeing as you was kind enough to validate my intentions I thought I’d reply.

Thank you :slight_smile:


The main reason, in my opinion, is to add pieces in your portfolio. Since companies mostly don’t provide breakdown anymore, you have to produce your own personnal arts to show what are your skills. So yeah, you can put screenprint of the movies your work on but I find it pretty frustrating, cause it’s been tweak by comp or heavyly “hazed” by FX.

Second thing is, even if you break in this industry, you should never stop your personnal training and to improve your skills. Participate to community challenge seems to be a nice way to train and also to share with others artists.

As a student or amateur, you should see this as an opportunitie, to actually compare the difference of skills, and determine what you have to do to reach their level and eventually get hired on your first gig :wink: Don’t be intimidated with potential futur workmates ^^


I think in general we shouldn’t discourage anyone from participating. The diversity of the participants makes everyone better in the end.


(Uh-oh. Repercussions
expanding like butterfly wings. Somebody get the net

Just to clarify (because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t, since I opened the can of worms), my own comments on Sunday weren’t a complaint and I wasn’t referring to anything against industry pros participating in these challenges. I understand what you were saying, Aaron, and thought you said it quite well. But I don’t agree because we never stop learning and one of the best things about these challenges is the fact that established industry pros are participating in them. That’s priceless. So thank you everybody, these challenges rock. I can appreciate what you were expressing though, Aaron. Seems totally valid except for the part that you’ve won some of these challenges beautifully… against pros. HelloO0o? :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s clear or got lost in translation or anybody cares except me, but my own vague “I don’t really understand the results” comment Sunday differs from what Aaron brought up later. It’s nibbling at me in a darned if I do, danged if I don’t explain myself way
but I see the new Feb. challenge just posted which means this is now officially old news… So saved by the bell. Whew!

I will just say my comment wasn’t fueled by negativity, disrespect, or pettiness about winning. It was a critical response and I think a valid one. The only reason I’m still yammering on about it it precisely because I really do respect the judges and the winners (and myself and all the other artists here) way too much not to voice the opinion. Definitely not upset about the results at all, I just don’t understand them and don’t agree with one of the choices. Apologies for being boneheaded enough to say that. The opportunity to participate in these challenges is huge. So no complaints here. I’m chalking it up to what I already know is the likeliest answer: Opinions about artwork are extremely subjective. They’re also all valid. So I completely respect and accept the judge’s call this month. Of course! Sorry to let anyone down by questioning that, I should have know better and just muzzled it. (And I say that without sarcasm.)

Speaking up in a friendly way shouldn’t diminish anything or disappoint anyone, but I’m pretty sure not speaking up generally will every time. There’s that to consider and I hope it resonates.

A sincere heart-felt congratulations again to all the winners this month! But I do think there should have been 5 honorable mentions and at least one people’s choice award and one for longest thread response too. :wink: Everyone did a great job!



Hey guys, I just want to gently ask once again that we keep any discussion about participation views, winner choices, etc to private channels (or, alternatively, another thread) instead of continuing to post them in this thread. Thanks!


Thanks to Milan, Jason and David for the challenge. I appreciate your time and your comments.


yes, thanks to Milan, Jason and David.
Thank you to you too Melaina and other professionals … True It takes some courage to confront non-professional like me, Daazed and all the others … we can make you lose these challenges! do not be discouraged, keep up the good work!
I am joking, I just try to relax a little the atmosphere before this new challenge in February that will not be simple.

Let’s work now !



Wonderfully insightful and instructive critiques from the judges. Thank you Jason and Milan (and David too of course!). Reading the critiques at the end of a challenge is always my favorite part and this month’s are particularly good. I especially love hearing tips on technical issues (like B/W point & graining, etc) and about studio practice or what one can expect from the art director or supervisor. I find all that to be really informative. The mild befuddlement I was feeling about this month’s results (centered around subtle edging issues and nothing else) have also been fully explained and dissipated. So really glad to hear the professional feedback.

One question: I understand the references to assets and the assets dept, but what does “GAK” stand for exactly? Sorry, I don’t know the term and have never been quick with acronyms. Can’t find a definition anywhere…
Please somebody explain. :rolleyes:


I still don’t know how to navigate this site :confused: haha.

I see people have been commenting about the judges final round of feedback on last month’s challenge. But I don’t see that thread stickied on the main page or linked anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?



Page 2 of this thread… where the winning entries were announced.



Ah. I was trying to look for a separate winners page entirely. I thought that thread used to exist at some point. I stand corrected.

Thanks much Thaddeus!

I updated post 28:
David and I are trying to keep things more organized, instead of spreading everything out all over. Sorry about the confusion.


Yeah, +1 on that. Milan??? :shrug:

Great feedback from the judges too. Looking forward to Dave Luong’s comments but I know he’s been especially busy. I’m such a slacker compared to you people. :slight_smile:


I somehow totally missed that question. Sorry about that.
Apparently, it is NOT an acronym for something super sophisticated but it appears to be only internal slang? Apologies for that. What we refer to as Gak, I guess, is smaller add-on elements to populate a scene, mostly created by the 3D assets department. It is shot dependent but general examples would be antennas, street lamps, signs, barrels, boxes, bottles, etc.
Hope this clarifies it somewhat better? My bad on the confusing terminology.