DMP Mini Challenge_007 - January 2015 - Architectural De-Modernization


Happy 2015 everyone and welcome to the seventh Digital Matte Painting monthly challenge, presented by CGSociety! These short monthly challenges will give you a chance to hone in your skills or learn new ones. We will be providing a different theme each month, with (sometimes) a base plate, as well as guidelines. It will be judged as usual by David Luong, Milan Schere and a special guest judge TBA!

These are meant to be fun while at the same time, allow you to hopefully, create a nice looking piece in the end (and win some prizes if you place in the top 3!). These pieces will be a production Styleframe to be presented to the client for approval, so it could be a clean matte painting, or a concept in photo real quality. As always, supporting the story according to the theme is paramount in both technical terms, and creative terms.

All skill levels of artists are welcome in this challenge!

The prizes for top 3 placements are:

1st Prize: 1 x CGWorkshop, 1 x CGTOD, 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 x CGSConnect Membership
2nd Prize: 1x CGTOD, 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 x CGSConnect Membership
3rd Prize: 1 x Ballistic Book of Choice, 1 x CGSConnect Membership

Required in every monthly challenge to qualify for the prizes:

An early rough concept of your idea, at least TWO W.I.P’s (work in progress drafts) in the forum for critiques or you will not qualify. Your final draft must be delivered on or before 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month of the challenge.

To enter, simply create a new thread in this forum with the DATE of challenge and name such as: “January 2015 - Milan Schere”

Objective: For this month of January, take the original plate that originated from the UK and transform it to look like it was in the same world as Penny Dreadful, Sherlock Holmes, or Harry Potter. It’s highly recommended that you take a frame from one of those shows, and use it as your reference to match to. You’ll also want to extend the plate in any direction, to make it fit the full HD format at 1920x1080p. Create a cinematic digital matte painting production Styleframe image. This can include atmospherics but should ideally not contain animated objects such as water, vehicles or people, as we will be judging primarily based on the clean DMP itself.

Base Preview:

Download Full Resolution Photo here:

  • REQUIREMENT: Capture the visual essence of the brief in a Matte Painting based photo-realistic production art illustration. Read the provided description and come up with your own unique idea based on the story. Matte painting is all about supporting the story! (Interesting point of note: This image was shot by Milan in Nottingham, UK where Robin Hood originated from).

Resolution: Please submit final works in both 1000px wide for preview, and 1920x1080p full HD .JPG format.

Inspiration from the amazing Jason Horley, who has worked on numerous projects similar to this theme:

  • Works in progress (W.I.P.) MUST be shown here in order to be considered for prize placement. You must have at least a basic concept, AND at least two rough versions posted in the forum for critiques or you will not qualify.

We’ll be judging on technical and artistic skills in these. Good luck to everyone! Please feel free to ask any questions here.

As always, you can ask general digital matte painting questions, and post WIP work not pertaining to this challenge in the regular DMP forum here:


This post is a placeholder for when we announce the special guest judge this month!


Sweet! Here’s some music to set the mood while we paint. :slight_smile:




This looks fun!, unfortunately the hard drive in my laptop died just after the Kung Fu Flashback Challenge began, so I am currently saving up for a new (much better) PC.

I’ll be closely following everyone’s work this month, and try to help out with feedback as much as I can, I figure If I can’t create DMPs I can at least live vicariously through everyone here. :slight_smile:


Great music there Hemal! :slight_smile: And sorry to hear about your computer Andrew :frowning: hope you can get another one soon, meanwhile, great idea there. Perfect forum use even when not participating!


So pumped for this!


Gutted - there’s no way I’ll have time for this this month, but this looks superb. Really excited to see what everyone comes up with! And like Andrew, I’ll try to comment where I can.

Thanks again to David and Milan for consistently coming up with awesome briefs! Hopefully more architectural ones later in the year… :wink:


Very challenging but I love that, and I too really appreciate these briefs because I’m terrible at coming up with my own! I’ve already put together my reference sheet, going to be starting the concept as soon as I can.



Hey David ! Hope your 2015 has started well.
A question that appears to be made every month: are we allowed to change the hour/light of the shot ?

nice briefing. looking forward to see the entries and processes.


That´s a cool briefing ! … so let´s go !! :arteest:


Generally, I’d say: YES
However, I do NOT recommend it.
You can toss out whatever you want, like buildings, windows, signs, etc.
Make it feel like it’s 1887 with a really nice turn of the century feel to it. That’s the idea.
Keep things like focal points of interest in mind to lead the eye through the image by using lighting and composition techniques.

Have fun.


I might have a problem with time this month too. I even considered give up this time… But finally… hell - no! :twisted: Even if at the end it will be considered only as a simple exercise I will do my best. I’ll try to put some initial concept next week. Thank you for this new Challenge and… yeah - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :buttrock: :smiley:



Hi! My name is Liane and this will be my first mattepainting challenge!
I’m very excited and thank you for the opportunity! :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit, happy new year!! :slight_smile:


I’ve been missing out on these and resolved to make this month’s a priority. I’ll be posting sketches in the next day or so. Thanks for having these!


Welcome to the monthly challenges Liane and Sophya. Please, feel free to also check in here:

Good luck everyone!!


So I’m going to try… :slight_smile:


My entry thread.



hi we must retrieve a reference image or of these universes we can just draw ?


Hey guys.

First of all, love the themes you come up with for this challenge!

I have a question about set extension. In a real production environment, would you be allowed to crop the image/plate? Or is just extension to fit the aspect ratio that’s on the table?