DMP Mini Challenge_005 - November 2014 - Viking Village


Wow did not expect to get in top 3, thank you so much! Congratz guys! :smiley:


Thank you very much!
I am very pleased such a high evaluation of my work
Its really very encouraging.
Thanks for your comments David. It is an honor to learn from you.
Thank you for the opportunity to develop and acquire new knowledge.
I congratulate all the participants and all who follow the contest. You are doing a great thing for everyone!


Thank you Milan, David and Nick, for taking the time to host these great competitions, and give us such valuable feedback on our work.

Congratulations Nikolay and Aaron, great work. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your glory - very well deserved :keenly:.

Once again - Big thanks to David, Milan, Seema and Nick for your time and effort for this challenge :bowdown:.



Congratulations Nikolay and Aaron, great work .

i am also learning lots of technique and idea for matte painting in this mp challenge .lets
go for next challenge… and i want to see again in all of participant in December .

and Congratulations again…


These are really beautiful creations.



Congratulations the top 3 winners! Sure is well deserved recognition!