DMP Mini Challenge_002 - August 2014 - Monolith Future


So, the brief consists of (aside from the technical requirements) “…that it should be about 100 years in the future.” And that’s it?


Digital Matte Painting is not concept art or fantasy photo-manipulation. It sometimes happens that a director wishes to extend a sequence by adding in another shot into a certain section of a movie. As a visual language has already been established at this point, your job is to create another city shot and match it aesthetically so that it can play seamlessly within the same world. Your client might provide additional footage or photography they want you to base your image on. This is not a re-designing task.


Hello Richard.
Please forgive me if your intentions are pure, but… are you asking all those questions because you would like to join us and you simply don’t know what to do, or… for some other reasons? I’m asking because I think there was enough clarifications for most of “the commentors here” and they already started creatively working on their visions. Again - please forgive me if your intentions are pure. I’m sure David and Milan will answer for any serious and constructive question.



Oh, no, not trying to be snarky. I had to re-read this thread a few times to find any mention of what the design brief actually was. My apologies if it seemed that way. The sentence I quoted above was the only art direction I could find until Milan elaborated in that last (fairly condescending) post. I’m well aware of what a matte painting is, but usually the art director offers more upfront information than “look at what other people are doing and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.” :shrug:

But it’s all moot since I will unlikely have time to participate (once again!). Someday I would like to.


Hello Richard.
Well… what can I say… As I wrote - please forgive me if your intentions are pure :).

About participating and time… yeah - it’s hard to reconcile together sometimes. But I believe It’s always worth to try! I hope we will meet one day in one of this challenges. See you… if not August then maybe September? What will you say? :slight_smile:



I think I get it now but like someone previously mentioned, this months challenge is just a bit trickier. I probably won’t have time either but I’ll be paying attention to see what I can learn.


Heyo Wyatt,

Yeah a little more open ended, but still interesting to see what people came up with! We’ll adjust accordingly for the coming months ahead though, thanks everyone for the feedback!


Hello David,

I can add distance river. I am asking because we can not use any animated objects such as water, vehicles or people… Please let me know. :curious:


Hi guys,

here is my first WP. I know there is a lot of stuff to do but maybe you have some great ideas to push the painting forward. I look forward to your inspiration, critique and ideas.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:

Cheers, Oliver


Hello David. I have additional question… again - I hope I did not used up my limit of questions for this month ;). I know we should preserve light direction from plate which we choose as a base. But what about time of day? In my case for example, on my base plate is about noon. Should I preserve it too, or should I adjust it to Milans image (more close to evening)? Keeping in mind that we should match mood to Milans art I would say, that second option is correct, but… I would like to make sure.

Thank you in advance.


I don’t see why not, but also the Monolith Future doesn’t seem to have much water, more buildings and cityscape. Just keep that in mind!


Hio Oliver, great to see you here! But you should create a new thread in your name and date, and post your WIP’s there, thx!


All good :slight_smile: I would try to match as closely as the references given, so they are more 3-6pm light (depending on the season) which has better dramatic lighting than a noon shot.


The link disapeared :wink: Here it is


Hi guys,

here is my first WP. I know there is a lot of stuff to do but maybe you have some great ideas to push the painting forward. I look forward to your inspiration, critique and ideas.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:

PS: Sorry, the picture disapeared in my first post.

Cheers, Oliver


That said, if you cranked out a killer piece in a different lighting scenario we would not disqualify it. The original shot has a fair range to play with. As long as you don’t make it too warm or change it to nighttime, you should be fine.


Hi David, I tried to post my challenge here but it doesn’t show up. Since this is my first time to post something in cg society, do I need to wait 24 hours before I can see my post?? I already waited more than one day. Please tell me what I need to do, thank you so much!


Heyo! I just validated the post for you. Good luck and have fun!


Thanks to everyone for joining in August’s challenge. We’ll be posting September’s themed challenge soon, and announce the winners tomorrow some time!! Stay tuned.


Thanks David (and Milan!), it’s been great - really enjoyable and I’ve learnt a lot (and I’m sure others have too).

Any chance of a quick bit of feedback for some of us non-winners at some point? It’d be good to know what we could have done to improve! :slight_smile: