DMP Mini Challenge_001 - July 2014 - Skyship Cove


Can’t wait to get started with this! Great idea to have this monthly challenge. It’ll help a load of artists to boost their ability and confidence. Thanks David and Milan!



Great question. Everything is based on photo realism. Using photography textures is one of the best ways to do it, but also doing realistic 3D renders and then doing additional texture work on top of it if needed is another way. Painting is also another approach, usually to augment what’s already there or painting loosely in a larger canvas, then shrinking it down in size so it covers up your brush strokes. Just know in the end, for the final size (1080p HD), it all has to look photo real, be it using photography, 3D, painting or otherwise. That’s what it will be judged on. Hope that helps!


Additionally (to what David wrote) I can recommend Probably there are other sites with textures or other stock materials, but I know this one and they have all I need :).



Hi. I come from Thailand
I want to Challenge
I can do it ?
How to do that ? Please :beer: :beer:


Take this image
and do this:


Hi it’s been years since i’ve last been here, I am would like to know how to upload imagery or do these need to be hosted else where?. thank you!.


Hio Marley,

Welcome back! Image hosting is limited here on the forums, it’s better if you went with your own hosting or find a free place like,, or etc. Good luck!



What is the final image format, jpg, tif, tga?


Dear Felix,

I believe there is no specific file format requirement, as long as we’re able to view your image. If you can, please make sure it loads across different platforms in various browsers, and keep in mind that we will be looking at this on a calibrated screen with an sRGB IEC61966 colour profile, which has a gamma point of 2.1

Please, let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you for your post.

Kind Regards,


The final version should be laid out into the

– WIP theme
– and / or in this theme
– and / or specially created for this (final ver.) theme?


The final version should be posted in your own WIP thread of that month of the challenge before the cut off date, then we will gather them all up later to choose the deserving top 3 spots.


Some very nice WIP threads :bounce:

Good luck everyone :thumbsup:


Great job everybody. Judging has now begun and the winners should be announced after the weekend. We’ll also post the August 2014 challenge details later on today. Stay tuned.


I am on holiday, so I can give my full attention to next months challenge, spent a long afternoon reading all the WIP threads, boy there is a amazing amount of creativity out there, good luck everyone, and thanks for setting up the challenge been really enjoying it.



Most definitely, have a great holiday and see you in the August challenge Richie! Everyone has done a really great job in July.


1st: Timmons Sung

David’s comments: “He really nailed the overall composition, atmospherics, colors, and perspective of the newly added buildings. Love the soft lighting from the sky with really cool interesting building shapes. The reflection on the left side boat may be just a bit too strong for this sort of sky and scene though. Great, strong piece.”

Milan’s comments: “Your image displays a majority of photo-realistic elements and is the entry closest to a final matte painting. Not all story points from the brief have been fully incorporated but as it appears more like a clean styleframe, it is fairly easy to add animated atmospheric effects in compositing. The current weak-points of this painting are the two large structures, which are not fully integrated. To aid with understanding the lighting and texture quality, you could take more visual reference from other concrete buildings in the shot. Overall it is strong enough to play as it is or with some minor tweaks. Congratulations.”

2nd: Daniel Kyle

David’s comments: “I’m definitely feeling the height of this piece, soaring quite high! Great mega city above and below the clouds, as well as open space ports that are logically big enough to have ships such as the original plate go in and out without too many traffic problems. Maybe slightly too dark and contrasty on the right hand side where the structure is pretty far from us.”

Milan’s comments: “You have been on the ball since the beginning and it was great to see you stick with it all the way to the finish line. As with most images conceived from scratch, photo-realism has not fully been achieved but for it being 3D and so abstractly creative and SciFi, it is very successful. A couple of quick ideas that I could suggest are to match the blue closer to the plate, play more with the micro-compositional lighting on the structure and also to reduce the light-wrap on the plate, since the sky is now being blocked off. Good job.”

3rd: Alik Sarkisyan

David’s comments: “This piece is really dark and gritty. Lots of pollution below us, where I imagine is higher up above the industrial waste. It’s also ominous, being so polluted, you have the feeling that we’re not that high up off the ground because the smoke is so thick. Great structures and silhouettes in this piece against the atmosphere. Clouds in the back could have their contrast brought down a tad, with the whites going too white, but overall a nice composition in the sky.”

Milan’s comments: “This image went through a lot of stages and was from the beginning very interesting with all the high frequency. My main 2 notes would be both based on the fact that you lost some visual clarity going from concept to matte. This is partly by having removed the purple, instead of integrating it across the entire image, and then by adding so much detail in the clouds, instead of leaving it soft and less defined. That’s my 2ct. Hope it helps. Looking forward to seeing more entries from you in the future.”