DMIV - 3D - GrogMcGee - [Cyborg - Main Challenge]


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So in a fit of crazy I’ve decided to enter … Never tried before and well it’s so far been fun.

I’ll be making a cyborg - has no name yet… :

I whipped up the concept at the end of last week.



left arm

left arm (gun)

Composited Concept

Got the most of the basic shapes blocked in today:


Thanks for the comment on my entry. The detail sketches are great (I need to do this with my character asap!).

Is the red supposed to be muscle? If so, there’s a lot of potential for incorporating the living/mechanical parts.

I’d be interested to see a perspective shot.

keep up the good work!


Hey Blake,

Nice sketches and concept !! Like a lot your head design!! cool !! Good luck and waiting for more updates!! Cheers!! :beer:


I’m digging the body design, keep it up!


weee comments :bounce:

@patdunal yeah the red is muscle, the white(ish) is ligament (like tendons or something :shrug: ). I’ll do a perspective soon … it’s kinda boring right now given that it’s all really boxy. But I should have something by the end of today.

@Ferx & jett12


It grew a head and some cables, wtf? :wip: and found perspective, 'cause you asked :wink:

In case the clicking the image doesn’t work:
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cool! how does he moves does he hover? i would imagine this thing sprouting laser beams everywhere!!!


Nah it just walks; haven’t mirrored the leg or decided on exactly what the connection between the pelvis area and the leg will be yet…

His other arm will have a hand like thing and shotgun type gun … might shoot laser from his back or something … dunno yet… the gun that’s done is going to have an eye-ball looking through the scope growing out of a mass of organic-goo …


Blocked in the right arm and the gun on the right arm … not much else… gun needs a few details and it’s ammo belt. Arm still needs a hand. but it’s coming along.

If on click of image you get a 404 error, just copy and paste the url - it should work.


i really like that you’re going with a very “functional” design. is it going to be fly/hovering around?


Glad you like it :smiley: . No it walks around, I’ve changed it’s right foot into a big stomping foot since one spike foot and one stomping foot is way cooler.


Nothing much in the way of “progress” - was feeling sort of bored so I rigged the minigun arm (really badly ;)) and posed it and added the belt feed … so no real progress but I kinda think it looks really cool :stuck_out_tongue:


On the plus side I think I know what I’m going to call it:
Something like:
Model XXX Version Y.YY.Y Build ZZZ
Norm Name “Ogre”

I just don’t know what numbers to use…


Blarg didn’t seem to get much done today … remodeled the minigun arm, I think it looks better - stronger, bulkier, less flimsy :wip:


Still not to much new but…

Things to finish before going on to the next step:
[ul][li]Spike leg needs a new knee.
[/li][li]Muscles not round out rounded out.
[/li][li]Rifle arm goo and eye ball for rifle sight.
[/li][li]Head needs connecting to main body.[/ul]
Question which side does the big stomping foot belong on? Right or left/ minigun or rifle?
I think I liked it better on the minigun side.


at first look i thought this was a real life simulation model… liked the way you are presenting flesh, tendons and machines… i think the big stomping foot is better on the rifle side to balance it better, eager to see the progress!


wow, nice concept, and nice execution so far…


Thanks guys!

@namnocilis, I don’t quite understand - real life simulation model? Like a mockup? 'Cause that’d be cool (now I wants one).

I feel the rifle side big foot is too counter balancing in that way that weight symmetry can just look silly.


love it…^^
but is’t better if the sniper/rifle is a weapon with very nice shape???
like a curve blade,or a curve gun if want to stick to gun-like weapon…since you already has a huge machine gun like weapon on the other hand…the sniper/rifle not really stand out…
just a thought…^^


To me this creature looks like a mixture between a cyborg and an undead, which is totaly cool. Dunno if you’re going for that, but it would be an interesting direction to explore.
The modeling is very good, and I think this entry has tons of potential.


Thanks! hmmm… I think about that (re. sniper rifle) - mostly it’s that I find swords kinda boring (much like lasers) but maybe it’ll work better… :shrug:

Yeah it does have a vaguely undeadish quality to it… Hopefully the more living(ish) face will change that but I do want to be more organic than human; more of mad (robot) scientist cyborg…

Did a little work here and there…

Still all sorts of stuff to smooth out…