DMIV-2D-cptcrandall-War Machine-HellDelver


Here is the feeble beginnings of my many awesomness’! I am a rook here, and somewhat new to the pixel forms of magic, but I am ready to tear it up none the less. More to come soon!


here is another quickie. I am just exploring some ideas for myself before I really get too deep into it and end up not happy. The whole idea is for these giant machines to be built directly to fight the monstrous demon warlords ( from other forums of course!) and mostly be sacrificial. They are actually able to delve into the earth and fight the warlords on their terms. The Princes however are able to board these and disassemble them from atop as they are built to handle the giants and not small enemies…all of this is subject to change of course!


another one. I am just trying to get more detail and ideas.


Great sketches.

keep it up:beer:


Really good concept. I can’t waiting to see more detail.^^


Really persuasive. Can’t wait to see the final result.


another one. This one was being done in autodesk sketchpro when it somehow closed for no reason. I got the warning box in windows and managed to print screen before I had to close it. I feel like I lost a lot of my flow when that happened. Oh well more tomorrow I guess. I about to start working up some color and lay out concepts for the final peice here soon.


more sketching in detail and fishing for ideas for the final concept


here is the head of my bot in more detail…I have more almost done, but I am too tired now…more tomorrow!


some more of my concept sheet. Getting close to done with this input is highly appreciated.


This is very good work and very detailed. I love robots and machinery. Youve picked a winner, can’t wait to see the final product, take care for now.


a couple of poses to add to the final


with some of the poses


Damn randall! great mech concepts! im surprised you haven’t got a lot more feedback…
i personally can’t say which one s my favorite because all of them are sincerely quite good but i like how this one kind of has a wing/blade on the side, maybe for stability i dono, i say you incorporate all the best ideas from your past desings into one kick ass war machine.

ill be checking out how your progress :arteest:


Awesome, I LOOOVE the thumb of the bot dicing up a the generic looking demon critter.


Working on final composition and color themes


Working on the final…I have a ways to go, and I am cramming to finish before the deadline.


a little more work…pulled from the background in progress…pretty much done with the machine


THE FINAL! It is about 99% complete…Crits extremely welcome! I am tired…I have been drawing since 9pm, and now the sun is up! I will be putting a sull sized one on my deviantart


some level adjusting