Dlink wireless problem.


I bought a D-Link wireless card DWL-G520 card on monday but up until now is not working properly. First of all, I installed the driver which is provided within the package CD. Windows found my card and said it is ready to use. I chose the network router which is a D-link router as well, but I have a hard time connecting it. I restart a couple of time and it finally worked. BUT SLOW AS H***. My house is on cable, the computer which is connected using nonwireless is fine, fast, staple. But mine with a wireless card is just giving me a hard time. It is slow as a turtle even if I am trying to get on the router setup page Sometimes even lose connection with that page. I have disconnection damn often. So i finally deside that might because of the driver is already outdate. I went on your dlink driver support site, chose the right model number and get the updated driver (v2.84). I updated. And you know what, this updated driver is full of bug. Yes, it found my network card. It said it found the router network and ask me to choose which network should it connect. I chose the dlink router located in my house and hit connect. After 2 to 3 secs, it ask me again. Same thing, same question just keep looping to ask me. I chose it and it doesn’t go connect. It just keep asking me which network to connect. I mean…what is going on there!!! Then okay, this driver sucks, let me reload my old driver which along with the package. I reloaded, it doesn’t work anymore. It shows the same thing til then. keep looping the same damn question to ask me which connection to connect. I tried windows system restore… doesn’t help.


Alot of these problems can be fixed by updating the Firmware of the router


it has been upgraded to the newest.


hmmm. Have you checked to see if there is a firmware for the card? That might help as well. If not, I would suggest trying a differnt wireless card to see if it makes any difference. and if that doesn’t work, take that router back for a new one. By the way, how close to the router are you


im on the ground lvl, and the router is on the 3rd.


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