DivX Download test from FLASH


I have heard that if you zip a Divx file it will some times have problems playing after you unzip it.

The reason I need to zip it (it barley effects file size) is so a user can download the file through a Flash button. (getURL)

If anyone knows about this or wants to particapate in my test it would be very helpful.

Bellow is a link to a test page. There you can download a 255 KB
DivX file, unzip it, then see if it plays all right on your computer.
It should be about 3 seconds of video with audio.

It works fine on my computer, but I think some people have trouble with it.

click here to go to test page

Thank you.


A simple question. Does the file have to be a zip file or can it be a file with a zip extension! If it is the later why not change the file extension to zip and ask the user to save the file as an avi.


Downloaded, Opened, Played.


Thanx for all of you help guys.

You can never be too sure when it comes to computers.

P.S. d_hansbury, I saw that “Dork” cartoon on your website. It was very funny. I liked it.


That was the first “real” animation I’ve done in a long time. I learned a lot from it and got lots of good feedback. I look forward to doing more very soon.


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