DivX Codecs?


Has anyone tried out the DivX Pro codec? How much better does it encode compared to the standard DivX codec (image quality, filesize etc)?

Also does anyone know how to get 3d-max to use installed codecs? I’ve got them all working i Premiere, but max stubbornly sticks to the default codecs.


  • David


there are three version sof dix to download: lite (free), full with ads (free), and full (non-free).

the full versions offer tools and utilities to convert and compress existing files, while the lite offers only the codec. with the lite you need other utilities (MAX, premier, etc) which then use the codec to compress the files for you.

so to answer your question, no the pro version does not offer anything above and beyond just the normal codec if you are only going to use it inside of max. if you want a separate 3rd party utility for avi compression, then yes the pro version is for you.

here at work all of the 3d guys have adobe premier and MAX, which negates the need for the full-blown divx package. as such they all just get the codec which they can just select from the list of compressors in either utility.


Just wanted to add something about the DivX packages that are on the site.

When you’re installing, be sure to actually look at the dialog box that pops up, don’t just hit next/accept, because one of the packages installs Gator on your system if you’re not careful. The Gator package can be skipped entirely without halting the rest of the installation.



home of the “ad-aware” software package. a bit like a virus scanner for ad-ware packages like gator and the like. everyone should be running this along side their virus scanners and firewalls. if not you are only helping spread this crap across the web.


I believe you have to install gatorware with the full version that is free. You are trading off paying for the software by having pop up adds.


gator is more than “pop up ads”. gator is a collection of spyware that reports your internet habits back to the gator organisation for marketing purposes. the gator team themselves have admitted to this, and have at times even been under investigation for their “marketing” software.

again, if you actively use this software you are actively adding to the problems of destruction of personal privacy online. sorry to get on my lefty soapbox here, but companies like gator need to be stopped. don’t let “free” software using ad-ware tempt you. either companies give their software out free, or you pay for it. and you can pay for it with your cash, or your online privacy.


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