Distributing objects evenly on an arc


I am looking to make an old rotary dial for a phone and need to cut holes in a short cylinder. Need to have the 10 holes evenly spaced on an arc of aprox 330 degrees. I can cut holes using the Boolean Subtract command, but setting the holes at even intervals is difficult by eye. Just never seems to be spot on. Have used a circle as a guide, but just can’t get the spacing uniform. Using Silo 2023.1.0. Is there a command for this that I am not seeing?


The Array command seems to be missing in the latest release - that would have been a simple way to do it. The new array modifier only does a grid array in its current form.

As it is, using a circle as a guide, where the vertices are located at the position of the holes, you can use component snapping to snap the cylinder into place on the circle.

If you have an earlier release, you could select the cylinder and circle and the Array command would do it for you.


Thank you. I have been holding off on that little project, but now will give it another go.