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Hey I know Lightwave Pretty well but what i dont understand is why the particles dont emit from displaced or morphed objects.

For instance im using C4 to blow up a house for a project im doing.however when I apply emiit from object it only emits from the origanl object and not the new deformed shatter,Its really annoying.I mean i have to do this in Maya now.

But does anyone know about a script or plugin?

I know about polask but its not ideal and calculation times are through the roof.

much appreciated


are you hitting calculate? i’ve got emmitters working just fine with bones displacement, ik, a displacement map, and bump displacement all at once.


working with bones and morphs stacked too.

i seem to recall a similiar problem to what you’re asking, but i don’t seem to be able to duplicate it. the particles emit just fine for me now matter how i displace the mesh.


The thing is the particles dont emit properely form a morphing object.

Ie try this test.

Make a sphere and then make an endomorph of the sphere with some geomitry pulled out to one side.
Now in layout animate the morph over 20 frames.Now add an emiiter onto the sphere.

emit from object surface and hit calculate.and youll see that the particles only emit from the source object not its new morphed shape.Thus is the problem Im having.

Im using 8.5


i understand what you’re saying, but it’s not a problem when you calculate. (see attachments)

i’ve done the tests with morphs, displacement maps, bump displacements, bones, bones with ik, and clothFX, softFX, and hardFX, individually and with each other, and the particles still emit from the object’s surface when i hit calculate.

is your collision mode on sphere? if it is, it needs to be on object-surface, object normals, object vertices, or object lines to work properly.



yup your right.I dont know why i didnt see it.I pumped up my particle limit up and there it was.

Bummer is the house im exploding is so complexed that the calculation time is forevor.not to mention just changing the rate causes my dual opteron to crumble.ITs so annoying.

Thanks for you help.Its not that often these days that I learn something.Thanks for all your help.

heres some stills from the test im doing.im going to have to just fudge the particles on this one.


that’s a good look mate.


thanks.saw the trailer of the barnyard movie.looks cool.doing it in lightwave must be a bit of a challenge?


thanks for the kind words! :smiley:
quite a bit of the modelling (i’m told) was done in LW. We’re XSI-centric nowadays. I came on after the modelling stage (to light/comp), so that’s why i say, “i’m told”. :thumbsup:


XSI centric?

meaning your guys also use Xsi on that?

Heres a question which do you prefer?I mean Lightwave has Fprime and XSI has everything else


haha. yeah we use xsi.

now, I speak only for myself, so this is MY view (and NOT my employer’s view). also, we’re all learning here, so this is just one person’s perspective from one person’s experiences so far.

LW was my first love and I know it inside and out. i’m a 'Waver at heart. I like the ‘all-in-one-box-at-one-price’ approach. and I like a separate modeler. the idea of doing both in the same space just freaks me out. but that being said, if I was going to swich…XSI would be it. I like their interface and production-focus approach. the tool really feels like it was intended to be used by a team, not just by one artist. so you don’t have to hack things together to make it production-friendly (which i feel is sometimes necessary in LW). at the same time, it’s not like Maya in it’s over-complexity-in-the-name-of-teamwork setup.

as a Lighter/Compositor, lighting/rendering in XSI is the way 3D should be. you can render a preview, or you can draw a region in the viewport and render that! sometimes i just leave the viewport render area drawn and tweak changes to my lighting.
also, XSI has the BEST implementation of render passes in any pro package IMHO. You create a new pass, and all your settings are the same as the default pass. then you can add your objects to groups called Partitions. once in those groups, you can give them independent properties just for that pass. without modifying the original object. these can be visibility properties, shadow casting properties, materials, light sensitivity, anything you can do with the object, you can override here. brilliant.
the same Partition and Override system can be applied to lights too. turn some off for a certain pass, or swing the key around, or turn off specularity just for that pass. Brilliant.
And all of the passes have their own render options, so in 1 SCENE FILE, you can output all your outputs. I love it, and I think it should all be this intuitive and straightforward, yet rhobust.

so, that’s my take on things. :slight_smile:


thanks for the great imput.Really appreciate you giving me a technical point of view on the subject.

Im also a huge fan of Lightwave but as you said one loves to waver.XSi is my first choice.

Thanks for all your help.and good luck with that movie.


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