Displacment Baker Plug author missing?



Anyone know where the guy that made this plugin disapeard to? Bought this plugin last year and wanted to give him some feedback on bugs/features to add. And also to see if there has been a new version since I purchased.


Did the name change?
To Point Oven?


Displacement Baker is different from point oven though they do have some overlap.
Hes still around. :slight_smile:


The guy who was developing Displacement Baker is a friend of mine.
I contacted him a while ago about his Ska plugin and this is what he replied

Concerning plugins, I must say I’ve been quite disappointed with the sales.
It’s been a lot of effort for minimal income. Recently, it could not pay for
the website itself! So I decided to shut it down and stop my developments.

The Ripper


Thanks for the update. Ska would have gotten a LOT more interest if there was more to the plugin’s page than a directory with two or three versions in it. :frowning:


ya thanks ripper, guess Ill have to just deal with what I got.


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