Displacing nParticles?


Can I displace nParticles?

I have this setup where I used Particles to distribute rocks and debris with the instancer.

Now, my main issue is that I am also using a displacement map for the terrain everything is sitting upon. The displacement map makes the ground higher and lower in spots then the nParticles have collided with. So I am wondering if I can use the displacement map or at least geometry to push and pull the nParticles’ location to make everything snap to the new displaced ground position?

OR… I suppose I should just do a displacement to polygons and use that new geometry to be the collision object… though it would be high res geo and slow the simulation down.

Any thoughts appreciated.


The easiest would be displace to poly( perhaps with a lower tessellation than you are rendering with). However if it is a 2d map and you know the bounds you could perhaps use colorAtPoint inside a particle creation expression to offset the particle location.


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