Ahh … well … damn :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by SplineGod
It would be nice to model a very detailed mesh using geometry and normal/displacement maps and then be able to reapply all that as a normal map. Id love to see normal map support in LW. :slight_smile:

So, does that mean that the plug-ins you mentioned above aren’t production worthy? I was interested in the new normal map export from Z-brush, but maybe that’s not feasible with LW yet.


I think shaders are unable to get input from bones or something like that. So yuo ban’t do boned character work with either of the plugins. This is what I’ve heard anyway.


hey, havent read the whole thread. but I dig the possibilties of this technique.


here is a little something that most might know, but its a cool norm map vid.


Lightwave would kick ass with this fully supported.


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