displacement problem


Any suggestions on why this is happening?

Also does anyone know if a displacement map gets exported with a .OBJ material ?



Difficult to say without looking, are you displacing the whole tire?


no i am only displacing the side walls and grooves in the tread.


Hi, I am not 100 percent sure on this, but if you are using Menral Ray, it might be an issue with Mental Ray’s mesh splitting. Check in the Mental Ray PPG and look at this area - I am not infront of Softimage right now. Sorry I dont have a more detailed answer, just an idea.


Mesh might be too dense or the UVs have an odd alignment.
If it’s a sparsely topologized, highly subdivided mesh with the SDS taking care of going around some corners and stuff like that, and you are displacing thin shells, it’s fairly common to have that level of tearing.


thanks for the replies…
problem solved , your right rez007
there wasnt enough memory for mental ray, i adjusted the mesh splitting factor to .1 and it rendered fine.

time to upgrade my laptop from 8gb to 32gb

thanks for the help


Anytime, I am glad it worked out for you.


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