Displacement problem Maya 2012 realflow 2012


Was not sure where to post this one, as it’s dynamics of a sort i figured this might be the best place.

Something strange is going on if i take the displacement maps i generate in realflow using hybrido and apply them to a standard poly plane everything works just fine. I’ve done this with vector displacement, normal displacement, and the realflow renderkit displacement node all of them work fine as i would expect them to.

However when i import the grid mesh using the maya plugin “import bin mesh” I can not apply the displacement to it. It simply does not work? I use the same material on a standard poly plane this works fine but it will not work on the imported bin mesh seems very odd.

I’ve tried adding a mr displacement approximation node with no joy so my question is what am i doing wrong why will my shader displace a standard poly plane but not the imported bin mesh

Thanks for any help pulling my hair out over this one


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