Displacement errors with V-Ray for Maya (UV seams and Hard Edges)



I’ve searched a number of forums for solutions and haven’t found one, so please help if you can.

I exported my mesh and displacement maps from Zbrush and plugged them into a V-Ray displacement node in Maya. When I render the image has visible UV seams as well as other indentations and artifacts.

  • I’m using Windows 10, Maya 2018, Zbrush 2018, and V-Ray Next for Maya
  • Using Multi Map Exporter to save Displacement, Textures, and Mesh at the same time
  • Using 32 bit EXR’s in raw mode.
  • I tried exporting with and without UV smoothing.
  • I checked and unchecked “smooth UV’s” in the Maya shape node.
  • Tried rendering with and without “filter texture” checked.

Please let me know if you’ve seen this issue before, or if you know of a better way that I can search for a solution.
Thank you!


The base topo isnt even enough for good displacement. Those 6 pole star is a nogo in a clean topo.

I would bake onto level2.

Or use Mudbox for displacement baking it does use the same subD algorithm than renderman.
Or fix the texture in Mair/Mudbox.
Or ignore it cause with textures ontop in motion you wont see it.