Displace modifier and lots of geometry


I’m new here, but I really need some help, guys.

I am struggling with an idea of making text engravings into the flat surface, but keeping poly count low as possible. And those engravings has to be geometry, because i’m creating model for 3d printing. Displace has best results, but only after turbosmooth iteration 4. That’s too much geometry… How to achieve that? How to make nice, smooth engravings with low poly count? Here is a picture of what i am making…

And sorry for my english. :slight_smile:


Try to use Prooptimizer modifier after the displace.


Prooptimizer on 40,0 Vertex %. :confused:


Anyone? And one more question… How to get rid of displace effect on the back of the object? Here’s a photo:

Sorry if I’m asking silly questions…

  1. You shouldn’t look at the poly count (quads or more sided polys ), triangles are what’s matter for everything lather
    (although if turbosmooth is last modifier on stack it’s counting triangles)

  2. You can’t be sure that your model is bad after optimizing because of shading issues,
    turn on facets view or delete all shading goups

It would be probably better if you go with booleans (extrude or bevel max text for one operand and combine it with main model)
If going with proboolean should change default “remove all edges” under ‘advanced options’, specially if planing aplay turbosooth lather…


Additionally to what was said: You can do local subdivisions (based on selected faces) with MeshSmooth and Tesselate and e. g. use a Volume Select set to Map to select the faces that need to be refined (revert the bitmap for sunk in parts).
Is a high polycount really a problem for 3D printing, though (no idea)?

As for the map showing on the backside, either solve that via a faces selection as well or do a proper unwrap, moving the backside out of the way of the areas with the relief in the texture.