Disney's Planes - Sneak Peek .




So… what’s next? “Trains” in 2015 and “Scooters” in 2017?


toilets in 2018


This looks entirely uninteresting to me. Not just because of the cliche characters and plot; something about the character design screams that they are going to be very difficult to “read” in comparison to the cars. Their eyes/mouths are comparatively tiny, and their bodies are rigid and devoid of life.

At least it will give Disney another round of merchandising…


Looks like one for the very young only… (and their parents wallets for the merch of course).



I know much hate has been heaped on this movie here already (perhaps deservedly), but can anyone explain how the crop-duster is supposed to be keeping up with fighter jets? Even Cars had its own logic that it stuck to and made some kind of sense in it’s own way (like the 60s hippie van couldn’t even begin to think about competing with a race car, even if he wanted to). Even in the Cars universe, this plane thing makes no sense. And then there’s the gawdawful voice actor for the plane. Ugh.


“The power of Courage™!”

But seriously though; I wasn’t going to say anything about it to avoid sounding like a huge geek, but thank you for being the one to ask what I know we’re all thinking.

Just so I’m clear, I’m not joking about the whole courage thing. See :55 on this video. They are saying it, not me. Am I the only one tired of “You can do it if you believe/have enough courage” movies?


I believe that you should be able to listen to a good movie without seeing the picture. I doubt you could listen to Planes, its all about the visual candy. This film seems to have all of the MASSIVE plot-holes that “Cars” had and then a whole lot more.


but can anyone explain how the crop-duster is supposed to be keeping up with fighter jets?

Nope and I can’t explain why there are fighter-jets with missiles either. Or how they earn money in order to buy fuel. Or how the fuel becomes fuel and arrives in their fuel tanks. Or why they need to be flying in the first place, its a waste of fuel.


I know exactly what they will be talking.


Yikes. With Dane Cook too…I think I’ll pass.


I thought they said this was going to be direct to dvd when they first announced it? I am mistaking it for something else?


Yes. A good idea. :smiley:

And Sidow, if you had read my post, you’d see that I was talking about a movie’s internal logic. Every movie has its own. The skill of the writers and directors is to entice the audience into forgiving or overlooking the plot-holes and shortcomings and enjoying the movie on its own terms. If you feel the need to judge every movie by the same level of objective reality, then I’d be surprised if you can enjoy any movie at all. I dare you to name a film that someone could not poke many holes into.


I think the world of Cars has more holes than others. In most of the cartoon worlds it references, humans still exist, but they did away with them for streamlining and made some kind of upside down post-apocalyptic future out of it.

BTW you’re not imagining things, it was originally straight to video, then they got DANE COOK on board and said GOLD and kicked it up to full theatrical release.

The Cars brand is so inexplicably powerful it will probably weather this and make a huge pile of money, which will have Disney eyeing this production method for other sequels, and back we go down the money grubbing rabbit hole that produced Bambi II, Little Mermaid II, etc.


Sorry guys! I didn’t want to start any kind of “bashing”. It was the first time I saw the trailer and the first time I even heard of such thing.

I didn’t like “Cars” that much (just loved the scenery) and think it was the least interesting movie from Pixar since… ever! Even “Bug’s Life”, which no-one mentions or remembers anymore, was way more funny and interesting to me. Didn’t bother to see “Cars 2”, even if my kids seem love it. So this concept goes way over my head… and when I saw this I thought “so they run out of animals to “humanize” and started to do it with vehicles!”

Anyway… I was going to say that this will never work, but that’s not true. it will work if it’s well done. It was done before in the early 90’s, in a series of animations on the beloved Commodore Amiga: Aerotoons, by Eric Schwartz. Here’s two of the most famous ones:



hahaha, wow, I really thought this was an elaborate April fools day joke by Pixar…

I can’t wait for Lawnmowers :stuck_out_tongue:


It was. They decided to try and get a bit of extra money showing it in theatres.


Well from what I have been told, most films out of DTS are theatrical for nearly every country except the US.


Ha! I thought this was a joke at first…funny, I just saw the news on the finding nemo 2 flick a minute ago, finding dora… Hey! Works work! More jobs! I don’t think I will go to theaters to see either though, but I am sure many will, good for the industry.


And now : Finding Dory