Disney's "Frozen" - Trailer


I just came from the film and if was fantastic. Great work WDA.


Can’t wait to see it soon. The animation looks Tangled levels of amazing. I just wish there was less singing in Disney movies (personal preference).


Well the movie is doing REALLY WELL

“Frozen” Smashes Disney Animation Opening Weekend Records


I was quite happy with the film, they packed an immense amount of content and attention to detail in it. It was interesting that there was even a Rapunzel cameo in the film.


I saw it over the weekend. As already stated, the snow IS AMAZING! The animation ranks up there with Tangled. The story is entertaining … but not fantastic. A good movie to see with the kids or (from a technical/artisitic POV) just to marvel at visuals. Money well spent in my opinion, but I do tire of the musical, princess, and love conquers all Disney formula. So, my rating might be a little off by comparison to the target audience.

[spoiler]Really Disney? Why do the parents always have to die? If it weren’t for parents, your company and products probably wouldn’t exist.[/spoiler]


“Avengers Assemble?”

Or… maybe this is just another one of those gags the artist slipped in and nobody noticed because everybody in Executive offices already forgot about Tangled. :stuck_out_tongue:


They like hiding things in their films. In Tangled, it was Pinocchio in the rafters of The Ugly Duckling.


Pixar used to do a lot of that too.


“Frozen” Story Head Paul Briggs Talks About Truth in StorytellingThe Disney studio has famously attempted to adapt Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen as far back as the 1940s. However, it wasn’t until the late 2000s when director Chris Buck (Tarzan, Surf’s Up) took a pass on the story that it started to come together as a fully realized idea upon which Disney would create Frozen.



saw this a few days ago…definitely has that disney magic and charm. but imo the whole story felt a little rushed, probably due to splitting story time between child to grown up didn’t allow for enough character development…enough for me to care. i honestly only remember svens(?) name and olaf. didn’t mind the singing and dancing either. good movie.


imo the whole story felt a little rushed

I honestly felt the same thing.

I finally saw this a couple nights ago, and while it was a beautiful film, and artistically and technically, I found myself getting really bored about 20 minutes into it.

[SPOILER]I didn’t feel like there was really a good antagonist throughout the whole film. It seemed to be missing a sense of danger or something, I was never worried for any of the characters. There was a small attempt at it near the end with the bad prince, but it just didn’t sit well with me.

Also, though the music was well executed, none of it was really memorable. Alladin, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid all had great music that would be catchy and get stuck in my head. Nothing in this really stood out to me. Though maybe that’s just because I’m getting older.[/SPOILER]


too many ‘songs’ and singing opera style story moments it was like 30 mins tops of acting and 60+mins of songs and musical moments :smiley:

the snowman seemed like a tack on +cute character that didn’t advance the story and was not needed at all really…except to sell toys/games maybe

this should transfer perfect for a disney on ice show… :argh:

it looked pretty…it’s target demographic is NOT me…yeh…well…err…yeh!


The songs and musical moments made up about 25 minutes of the film.


I felt conned.
There was nothing in the trailers hinting to a musical, I consider this a very sneaky move from disney. It looks like they knew people aren’t impressed by musicals yet they still made it like that and they weren’t honest about it.

Even if I knew there is a lot of singing I still would have seen it, at least I knew what to expect.

Overall the movie was nice with good story.


Now does that make a lot of sense?!
Obviously Disney like this formula and have been doing it since Snow White.
Somebody seems to like it and thats who their market is. I’m not crazy about musicals either-but ‘sneaking one past us’ seems like a odd accusation.


Summary of Frozen:
The Good:
Animation, fx (that snow oh wow!) fantastic! The snowman was funny!

The Meh:
Bland characters, bland plot, bland songs, bland twist.

So overall just not worth seeing again…not worth seeing to start with unless you like your entertainment dumb and light. Tangled worked so well on so many levels, this felt entirely forced, strung out and DOA.


I could agree on some level, but “DOA” doesn’t represent the $600+ million dollars it has made.


Doing well at the box office doesn’t necessarily equate to a good film. Usually the films that have the simplest concept and shallowest characters end up earning heaps of money because they are able to be understood by the widest possible audience.

And 600+ million just means Disney will end up making more of the same shallow content.


FROZEN wins Best Animated Feature Film at Golden Globes

It was running against DESPICABLE ME 2, and THE CROODS.

In five of the last six years, the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature has gone on to win the Oscars.


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