Disney's "Frozen" - Trailer



Well… I think it’s good. :slight_smile:

A hit for sure.

Disney is as Disney does.
So jealous of the quality of motion in even just these trailers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tangled 2 ?


The snow in this looks amazing, I wonder what they used.

So it’s technically great but I’m not liking the story too much, it’s good for children though, it’s just not my demographic.


I saw a presentation for it at SIGGRAPH.
It is a new snow solver that they developed inhouse along with UCLA.
It is FREAKING incredible.

Here is the SIGGRAPH ENcore presentation if you want to see it (you have to pay for it BTW)

Here is a bit more information.


Thanks RobertoOrtiz, the snow looked so good, and I had the feeling that it was some new tool. Some of the other new methods looked amazing, especially the paper tearing and paper folding. I wonder if this would become available to artists in the future?


I didn’t particularly like the trailer, but I didn’t like Tangled’s trailers either, and that film came out great. I’m obviously not the target demographic for there marketing.


Yeah… both Frozen and Tangled have that “High School Teen Girls discover Boys” theme right?
It grates… yeah… but it does make people go: “Awwwww… to be young and in love again.”



Dunno, it seems like step backward after Tangled.


I loved that snow when I saw the White-paper too. I’m not surprised in the least its related to this film.
Trickle-down to the rest of the world soon i have no doubt.
BTW I loved Tangled - best 3d film Disney (not Pixar) did. So I have hopes for this one…but who knows.


The trailer is good. For sure it will a cinema hit, but yes it is a bit less surprising than Tangled. Anw, my eyes are on Big Hero 6, I hope the most creative Disney there.


POSTED ON September 30 2013

I am going to make a bet right now wil lal lof you.

(BTW I am time stamping this post because I am SURE this will happen )

When is saw these clips at SIGGRAPHI said out loud, to a couple friends in the room, the following statement…

"Disney is in the process of building a shared universe with the new princesses that come after Tangled.”

I am basing this hypothesis on the fact that the characters from both Tangled and Frozen, look like they belong on the same universe, and hell even the same time period. If I were to make a guess I would say that they look like they belong on 18th century early 19th century.

If they do a couple more princess using this house style (hell even a prince)they could do an “Avengers”style film with the Princesses. If there is a company that believes in product synergy,it is Disney.

BTW There is an obvious problem with my hypothesis, and that would be Pricness Merida from Brave.

But since Brave was a Pixar film, with its own style and design rules, I don’t think that we will ever see a film with Merida, and Rapunzel going on an adventure…


Not sure I’d bet the farm on that.
Disney just isn’t renowned for its individuality.
If anyone has formulas to follow its Disney’s art directors.

That being said I quite liked the look of Repunzel within those confines-I liked her better than most of the ‘2d’ princesses actually.

This new one its hard to tell from that trailer. I just hope she don’t leave me ‘cold’ (pun intended).


an “Avengers”style film with the Princesses.

Dreamworks did it first in shrek the third, didn’t they?

However, seeing the success Disney had with Avengers (since they own marvel) it wouldn’t be crazy to think that.

The whole look similarities could also be explained by sheer lack of risk taking too : do it just like tangled, it worked !


Roberto’s hypothesis is possible.

But there are a few points to consider:

  1. Do Tangled, Frozen, etc have the same Executive Producers or the same main line producers? It could be like what nearly befell “Avengers” when Jon Favreau and RDJ initially said: “We can’t see Iron Man walking together with the Jolly Green Giant.”

  2. Realistically, they would wait for the result of the Batman Superman film or the Justice League film and Avengers 2 while “soft developing” this idea of a mega-crossover.


Frozen doesn’t have producer credits listed on IMDB, but Tangled’s executive producers were Glen Keane (who won’t be back) and John Lasseter (who has been one of the executive producers for every Disney animated film in the last few years). So hard to draw any conclusions there.


It looks really good to me. Nice, dynamic shots. Impressive scenery. Should be fun…


       Hmn, I feel the same way a bit.
       I loved Tangled in many aspects like tempo, action, payoffs, visuals,
       character and set design etc. and how all was fitting together.
       For sure, this movie will be good entertainment too and will include lots of
    things of what has turned Tangled into a really good movie I guess.
       But.. Am I the only one who thinks, that all seen "snowy characters" and their
    design dont fit in any way into the rest of a Tangled-Style approved environment
  inclusive given character designs of humans and animals!?
    For me, Snowman e.g., just feels generally displaced in it's simple design, like
  cutted out and filled in again from an old, unknown and pulped (or student) project. 
  There may have to be a reason to do that I'm not aware of, pls tell me then..


Whats a ‘complex’ snowman design look like? Me and my six year old want to know. And would it still look like something a child made?!


I just think the potato style character desgin of the snowman just dont match the overall visual/style of the movie, thats all…


I’m gonna make a wild guess and suggest a child made it and then it became enchanted as part of the story. For me that fits fine with the look.

Even if its not explained I wouldn’t want a ‘snow man’ look like one of the Disney princesses for the sake of ‘design aesthetic’ either.:smiley:

For me it looks like a snow man. Its good.