Disney's Elsa from Frozen


This is some high quality stuff, it looks just like the one in the Frozen movie. Fantastic job! :bowdown:


True that, but he referred to another video, in which he goes over what that script does exactly. I haven’t watched it though.

@MissOptimist: Thanks! =)


Your Elsa looks really good! Would you mind if I drop some questions regarding Xgen here?


If you think I might be able to help, sure!


Good job!
Waiting for an offer!
It inspired me.


My tube groom takes forever to generate. Like 25 minutes or so. Any ideas why it it so?

Edit ( I found solutions for some annoying things other people might struggle with)

Problem - I can’t select guide points. Reshape guide tool and lattice also don’t work.
Solution - Turn off modelling toolkit.
Problem - Guides don’t follow curves when using Curves to Guides utility
Solution - Reverse curve direction


That’s pretty long! I haven’t had issues with that, though. To give you some perspective, I had 31 tubes, generating about 500 curves, which took just a couple of minutes.
Are you getting any warning messages when you run the Tube Groom? Are you using lots and lots of tubes maybe? Are your tubes intersecting or overlapping at the base? Does the groom look correct once it’s finished? Have you tried narrowing down the problem by excluding some of your tubes from the process?

  1. My tubes don’t lay exactly on the surface at the beginning but penetrate inside a bit. Maybe this causing troubles? I don’t know how to align them perfectly. Booleans maybe?

Also, yes, they lay very close to each other but I eliminate this issue by creating separate description for every tube


I ended up manually extracting curves from tubes and generating guides. :slight_smile:

  1. Also have you had this issue?


The density is extremely high right near the guides. There are visible stripes of hair with higher density on render.

  1. Generating clumping maps often causes “zeroing a pixel in map since all points were disqualified” error that paralyze maya. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


It’s fine when the tubes penetrate the scalp a bit. Mine do too and I haven’t had any issues with it.
That first picture you linked confuses me :X It looks like all your tubes are sharing the same small area on the head? Judging from the colors of the guides, Xgen has been able to figure out the regions, but I don’t really understand how. As far as I can tell you clearly have tubes sitting on top of each other.
Anyway, pretty sure that this is what’s causing Xgen to take half an hour to generate a Tube Groom and probably also the reason you’re getting that error when trying to create clump guides. I once had a botched groom which resulted in the same error and would cause the clump guides to take a very long time to generate. Don’t remember what exactly was the reason in my case though.

The density-issue is quite odd. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because the ratio between tube-width and the space it occupies on the scalp varies wildly between your tubes. Most of your curves fight over a very small area, whereas a few curves have a lot more space to them and therefore have more hairs following them, causing them to bunch up like this. But that’s just a guess.


Thank you for reply Schpielkind! The tubes for hairstyle I am doing have to start from one area and be very close to each other. I made this by creating separate description for each curl so they don’t fight with each other. 40 descriptions in total, about 6 guides in each description. Colors on curves come not from regions, I assigned them manually to help my eyes a bit.

Anyway I have a feeling that I am using Xgen not in a way it is supposed to be used :smiley:

Keep rocking with Elsa \ (•◡•) /


Great renders, really like them!


Hi! So I’m completely new to Maya and Mudbox and 3D modeling in general, and I’d like to also learn how to do it by recreating Elsa :slight_smile: It looks super great so far!! I love how identical it looks to the original! But I was really wondering where to start with all of this. So far I have Mudbox and Maya and I’m seriously not sure what to do now. Are there any materials you read before starting this that you could share? Thanks so much for your awesome work!!


I don’t think you are a beginner :argh: really nice modelling and keep it up you almost got it ! :beer:


I love this style of modelling… Very pixar-esque…


This model is Amazing! I just really wish you would give it out… But I understand why you wouldn’t… People out their not crediting… and other people making sex scenes with her… but It would be so amazing to Animate with her!! I animate real well… Im Kind of good w ith maya… Ive been studying but I practically use MMD… Here is a let it go scene I did! My friend uploaded the video and did the snow! I did the model changing and animation! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzdunajvP_g Of course I updated this ALOT since that video… So this is the old animation… But Still Movie Accurate


Your animation step a lot. You should revisit it. Even your camera do stepping.


@Scote My Animation? well that was old… I havnt really uploaded more previews after that but I did fix most of the motion… But It would be awesome to have His Model for what I’m Making… My Latest video was First Time in Forever Reprise the Ending the wind is a little too strong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8njbciENnF0


It’s been a while …

I let this project rest a bit to focus on learning some more new stuff, mostly rendering and rigging. Feeling confident enough to work some more on this now.

Bought Redshift as well (omgsofast!) and had to redo all materials. While at it, I gave a lot of things some more polish. Unfortunately, Redshift doesn't support Xgen Archives yet, so the bodice is a uniformly colored placeholder for now.

The background is a screencap from the movie.
Interesting tidbit of information: This rendered in 14min on a single GTX 970. Gotta love Redshift!

Finished rigging the face. Quite happy with how it turned out. 


It's made up of four rigs in total. 

The first is a joint-rig, which drives the eyelids, eyelashes and the jaw/lip setup. Marco Giordano’s eyelid setup has been a big help for this one. The zipper setup is built after Stefan Ehrenhaus’ instructions a few pages earlier in this thread.
The second one is a blendshape setup, which drives pretty much all expressive shapes. Been using some techniques from Jason Osipa’s book Stop Staring for this one.
Both of these feed into the third setup, which is another joint-rig with just a few joints with very broad weighting … basically a poor man’s lattice.
The fourth is the eyeball setup, which works independently from the rest and only drives two joints to which the eyeballs are skinned.

Next I want to rig the braid. Already have a few ideas, but first I need to familiarize myself with how animating Xgen stuff works.


Very nice progress mate. That rig is looking fairly solid.
I find your dedication very inspiring, your will to push it further and beyond your current limits.

A little tip: Id add and connect some strenocleidomastoid and scalenes and trapezius shapes to the face rig. See sneer/pull-down lower lips, head turns, neck tense etc. for refernece. If you look in the movie, the original character has got some in there too, when she is upset for example… Not 100% accurate tho, its rather dialed down and artistically simplified to account for the overall cartoony style, but it adds a lot of “physical evidence of emotion” to the animation.

Also check your jaw setup… it looks like you generate volume on the sides of the jaw bone when opening the mouth and it kinda looks wrong. In the end, have a look at your volume preservation in general, test extreme poses like neck rotations by 90° in forward, sideways and twist. You dont want any candywrapping do you :wink:

Keep the progress coming!



You’re right with those things still missing. Didn’t forget about them though, I was planning to make them a part of the body-rig. Currently that’s still a basic advanced skeleton rig … I’ll add that stuff along with breathing controls when I deal with corrective blendshapes for the body.

I was a bit unsure about the jaw motion, actually. I added some bulging on the ear level, cause that’s what I observed when looking in the mirror and I thought the motion looked unnaturally smooth without it. Also there’s an attribute on the jaw-control to set the amount of cheek-collapsing, so maybe I should crank that up some more. Thanks for pointing that out though, I’ll have a look at some references.