Disney Animation Sets ‘Day Of Listening’ Amid Uncertainty Over John Lasseter future


The Walt Disney Company will hold a “Day of Listening” tomorrow for the studio’s animation staff to air workplace concerns.
The underlying purpose of the gathering, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first revealed news of the meeting, is to figure out how the studio will move forward in the absence of
John Lasseter, the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation
Studios who has been absent from the studio for over two months now. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/disney-animation-sets-day-listening-staff-amid-uncertainty-john-lasseters-future-156321.html


Ok. Some basic questions:

  1. Is there any sexual harassment cases against Lasseter pending?
  2. Have Disney paid off all victims so there are no cases pending?

If the answer is yes to question 1. Then wait and see what the court says. If he is found NOT guilty, then there might be a tiny tiny chance to bring him back.
If the answer is NO to question 1, but YES to question 2, why even bother thinking about bringing him back?!
If the answer is NO to both questions, then why hasn’t he been reinstated already, and the women been sued for defamation?

Either way, a “Day of Listening” to save Lasseter do not make much sense unless the questions above have been answered. My guess is that Lasseter got sacked, and they want to listen to who has the popular vote among the employees for being creatively in charge instead of Lasseter. Peter Docter?!



first the bad behavior of Catmull, and now Lasseter

oh well…