Discworld : A'tuin's End, Camprasse Jérome (2D)


Title: Discworld : A’tuin’s End
Name: Camprasse Jérome
Country: France
Software: Photoshop


I wanted to bring there my interpretation of T.Pratchett’s Discworld :slight_smile:
it’s composed of various part of pictures & 2D painting.

about 12 hours
Photoshop 6


There are so many great posts today! Your’s is one of them. Really cool!


Its nice. However, i think you couldve beefed up the scale, seems too minature to A’tuin as described in Diskworld novels.


Awsome colors and ambience!


SO great!
One of the coolest A’tuin i ever see!
But i can’t see any of the elephants…
4 stars!


Looks great, but where are the elephants?


HEI you! that is Totally wicked… cool!! i like this color very much. exquisite work!!


I love Terry´s Discworld and this is very good painting I like a turtle beard 4stars :bounce:


Smash.rs —> It’s a interpretation, and i chose to take off the elephants.
I want a concept more realistic that the Pratchett’s version. :slight_smile:


nooooooo teh big turtle died :eek::sad:


Great image, is that a woolly mammoth on the top far left? Or I’m I seeing things?


You have a disc-shaped planet suspended on the back of a turtle crawling through space and you’re worried about it not being realistic enough?! :smiley:

Just my opinion, but once you decided to make it A’tuin, you should have gone the whole way and really made it A’tuin, continent-supporting pachyderms and all.

That being said, it’s a very nicely executed piece and the colors and mix of stars and environmental effects are very pretty. Some of the details seem too large, given the sheer scale that A’tuin is supposed to be, but it is nice looking.



hahah! it´s fantastic! I didn´t believe it when i saw a portion of the image on the front page.

I like a lot your vision of A´Tuin. I´m a fan of Terry Pratchett´s books. 4Stars for you


very nice work! So much details and story in it. Impressive :thumbsup:


i just love it!!!

…sorry that i dont have to say more…

ok, i try it - if i see pictures like this, a whole universe opens up in my mind and i could spend the whole day with filling it up with ideas.


Great woirk the use of color and composition nice godd interpretation as well good. feelings allaround. keep up the good work.


Voted 5!

This f****** lousers are voteing 4 stars either is a great piece of work like this one or a 3 hour PS study of light… And the diffrence is huge!

hate this shit on this forum…




Really good new interpretation of terrys universe.




Awsome! I love the colours! Great work! I’m a big fan of Terry Pratchett also :slight_smile:


:surprisedsputters you… you… talented talented person you… 12 hours??? that would take me 12 days and it wouldn’t look half as good as this… sigh