Discuss:Is character development in tv sitcoms out pacing hollywood?


Theres been tons of great great tv shows, recently: sex and the city, frasier, curb your enthusiasm, arrested development, the office,even the simpsons - that are pushing character development, plot structure way beyond hollywood. It harks back to the days of bilco and i love lucy, which then went on to bring forth the whole character rich age of the 70s with, bullet, point blank, thomas crown affair to name but a few. It seems that hopefully good character development will hopefully bleed into mainstream hollywood. So is character development in sitcoms out pacing film, even in the case of the simpsons or family guy? These great animations are built so well on great plots, which are truely funny, dark and witty.

Its just a thought i had, but it seems im far more ingrossed in the characters and there unique traits of these off the wall tv shows than what cinema is giving me today. Is cinema in its matinee period, of big action little character developement and will this slowly reverse when cgi becomes far more mainstream, cheaper, and a standard to most shows? i.e its revelance will die out, when its use pertains more to grading a film than to adding a mind blowing effect?



TV shows have months even years to develop their character. Movies have 2 hours to develop character, plot, sscene, setting and everything. I am thinking in this time and day movies have done almost everything or so they think, and it gets harder for them to think they have to be unique. They create their own roadblock, dead end. Making them stumped. Movie characters in my opinion risk being one week wonders, we like them but wasnt given enough to really stick with them.


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