DISCONNECT PT4, Maxx Burman (2D)



Name: Maxx Burman

Disconnect is a personal series of paintings exploring a dead earth. Resource gathering has been automated and life has disappeared, now the systems are finally shutting down. My goal for this series is to create a world and a mood within the series, but also tell a story, painting to painting. The final series will consist of 12 paintings, that are a journey through this world. Each painting will have a limited print run, on Aluminum, 4 feet x 2 feet. Coming 2017.


Jaw-dropping Art. I Am In Awe Looking At This Image. it Is My Pleasure To Be Your Follower And Liker


this is really well done and speaks to me on many levels and tugs at my minds eye on what I am feeling about current events.


thank you ABZMED!

Thank you unclebob, this image was imprinted into my head watching everything around me, had to make it