DISCONNECT PT1, Maxx Burman (2D)



Name: Maxx Burman

Disconnect is a personal series of paintings exploring a dead earth. Resource gathering has been automated and life has disappeared, now the systems are finally shutting down. My goal for this series is to create a world and a mood within the series, but also tell a story, painting to painting. The final series will consist of 12 paintings, that are a journey through this world. Each painting will have a limited print run, on Aluminum, 4 feet x 2 feet. Coming 2017.


WOW that is a LOT of detail. Awesome work from you again. I recently did a city too…it’s very time consuming stuff.



It can be very time consuming, I cheated a lot, playing with alphas in 3dcoat for buildings and city blocks, trying to see how fast I could get a complex concept out!