Disappearing Points in LW 8 Modeler, OSX


Just wondering if any other LW8 OSX users are experiencing this annoying problem is Modeler?

Using a 1Ghz PowerBook, ATI 9000, 768mb, OSX.3.4



Mine works fine. I don’t have Panther. Nice subliminal placement of the Maxon logo. heheh.

OS 10.2.8, ATI Radeon 9800, Dual G4 1.25GHz


I suppose that “Show Point Selection” is checked for that viewport, right? What happens if you change the texture type to something else and then change it back? I’ve also had similar problems but that usually fixes it. And no… I’m not on a Mac. :slight_smile:


Show Points Selected is activated for that viewport.

If i switch to wireframe mode I can see the selected points, but as soon as i switch to a shaded view in any viewport, the points disappear.

If i zoom in real close, I can actually see the points, but they are facing inward.

Very strange. 7.5c doesn’t have this issue.


yep… same problem here, i’m on a dual G4 1.25 - 10.3.4


hmm…thats strange…i don’t have that problem i use a G3 iMac running panther wit 640mb…the only problem i have is…i can’t use jpeg textures


OSX.3.4, Dual 1Ghz, 1G Ram…I couldn’t reproduce the error. Sorry.

If we’re mentioning bugs on the mac, is anyone having trouble with elements you delete from your object still showing up in layout? For instance, sometimes if I make, say, a cube, delete it(and it disappears), make a different cube in the same layer, save it, then send it to layout, I’ll still have original box (that I thought I deleted) along with the new one. Maybe this is just something I’m doing wrong (noob), but I never had that happen in 7.5c.


I’m at work so can’t verify atm but isn’t there a key-in box in the Options panel for the point size?


I can confirm the point problem on my Sawtooth G4/400mhz/Panther 10.3.4/LW 8



It seems to happen with ATI9000/9200 cards (but not 9600/9800). Time for an ATI update perhaps?


i believe it a graphics card error…but i don’t want to tell you to buy a another one & still have the same problem:shrug:



We have been working closely with Nvidia and ATi and most of the OpenGL- problems in LW8.0 turned out to be driver- issues.
They are expected to be fixed in one of the next driver- updates.


ati to improve opengl performance for doom3

ati to rewrite ogl drivers for fire gl to rival nvidia



Good to hear they are going to rewrite them to be as good as the competing company. :slight_smile:


I’m glad that it is a driver issue that is being fixed. My points won’t show up at all, no matter what shading mode I use. G5 dual 1.8 10.3.4


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