Disabling weight normalization changes my geometry!


I’m in a bind.

When I disable weight normalization and then go into the component editor to edit the vertex values my mesh stretches.

Why does this happen and is there a way around it?


thats sorta what happens when you disable normalisation… thats why its there…

why did you disable?

sounds like you are just getting double/extra deformations, because thats what you are telling maya to do…


this will happen any time the skin weight values for a vertex are higher or lower then 1. With weight normalization on, maya checks this and compensates for your changes. with it off, you must compensate for yourself.

hope that helps,



Well I disabled it because I thought it would set all of the vert values to 0, and let me input my own values from scratch.

I’m skinning a human character and weights seem to go everywhere, even after i set them. I figured disabling normalization would fix that problem.

example: yesterday i skinned the right leg of my character, when the joint for the right leg was rotated it looked fine. I saved it

This morning after loading up my character and rotating the right leg joint i see that now it’s pulling verts from the left leg.

It seems that the values get lost overtime or when you’re skinning another part.


thats is just a symptom of maya adjusting the weights to make sure they are always at 1.

what seems to work best, with weight normalization on, is to start at the outer edges of the body, and work in. so start with the fingers, then do the hand then the elbow ect.

MAKE SURE when you are done painting weights for a cirtain joint, that you press the “TOGGLE HOLD WEIGTHS ON SELECTED” button in the paint weights tool settings. this will insure that maya cant adjust the weights you painted for that joint. you should see a little (hold) appear after the joints name in the paint weights tool setting window.

hope that helps,



yep, starting from the fingers and using the hold weights options seemed to get the results I was looking for.

Thanks for the help.


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