Disable rightclick menu?


I would like to have the right-click navigation enabled (Preferences -> Interface -> RightClick Navigation), but I do not want any menu to appear when I click the model with the right mouse button.

Very often when I right-click to rotate in the viewport the right-click menu appears, and very often I accidently click the menu with the ALT button pressed so it is docked over to the right side of the UI which is very, very annoying.

Is there a way to deactivate the right-click menu in ZBrush?


As far as I know, it’s not possible, at least in a straight forward way.


I would really love to have the right click menu disabled as well. its driving me crazy!

Why?.. well because I come from a Maya and Max background that’s why (just like 90% of the entire industry)

I use Right click to navigate around the viewport. And if my camera pan movement is too small, or if I right click but dont clcik ctrl or alt or whatever fast enouf. it brings up the right click menu instead, generally causing me to scale my brush up/down rather then panning around my model.

space bar brings the menu up anyway. would be fantastic to remove it from the right click function all together.

And if anyones gonna post some typical “Learn how to use ZBrush better” then dont bother caz I know there are 100’s of others wanting in my position based on all the forum posts out there.


(Preferences -> Interface ->click time 0.01


OMG!!! You are my hero!

Hahaha been putting up with that for months


Nice. Thanks for the hint.


some one said the click time may effect things like selecting polygroups.

   this way you can turn it on or off.
   once loaded look in ZPlugin>Misc Utilities

       [ISubPalette, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities",0]
        [IButton, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities:Right click ON", "Right click ON",
        	[ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,0.25]]
        [IButton, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities:Right click OFF", "Right click OFF",
        	[ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,[b]0.01[/b]]]
 the bottom of the code that says  [ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,0.01]
 you all so may try changing it to 0.1
     [ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,0.1]

like this

   [ISubPalette, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities",0]
   [IButton, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities:Right click ON", "Right click ON",
   	[ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,0.25]]
   [IButton, "ZPlugin:Misc Utilities:Right click OFF", "Right click OFF",
   	[ISet,Preferences:Interface:Click Time,0.1]]

this will allow the right click mouse off but you can all so select polygroups with out it messing it up
AS Long and you click fast, click and release the left mouse button fast, do not hold.

if i was you i would use the second code.
works the best but dont right click and release the left mouse button fast


here is a little tip encase you dont want to use a zscript to click it to turn it on or off.
or having any other problems like selecting polgroups.

most peoples left clicks are faster then there right click.
slide the click-time all the way to the left to 0.01
and right click a little slower then you do with your left click
and keep right clicking and move the click-time up a “tiny” bit each time you test it
then as soon the the right click brings up the menu then set the click-time back a "tiny"bit till the menu does not pop up any more, you want the left and right click-time close to each other.

i set mine to Click Time,0.15 which seams to work good for me.


Sorry that I re-activate this old thread. I just recently stumbled upon this problem again (doing some zbrush work again).

In one of the last updates (4R4 I think) they actually integrated a button that adresses the problem mentioned here. It can be found under Preferences -> Navigation, there is now a new button called “Enable RightClick Popup”. Deactivate this button if you want to avoid the right-click pop-up to appear.

Just thought I’d let you know, tip might be useful to someone.


there is a switch under that for zbrush 4 R5 called Enable right click pop up.
so you need the right click navigation ON
and Enable right click popup OFF
IF there both not set right you will get the pop up for the right click.


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