DIRTY CAR, ji woong Chung (3D)


Name: ji woong Chung
Country: South Korea
Software: After Effects, Maya

Hi~ everyone.
I have seen a work of in the meantime other people.
There are a lot of the people who do it too well.
Therefore, I am encouraged, and I put.
This is my third car.
I want to learn in the future from more things.
I will make hard in the future it.

It make with Maya and Aftereffect. ^^


The dirt on the car is really well done… nice work man! 5* :thumbsup:

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Really cool image. Great modeling and lighting. and nice idea with that dirt!
I really like this picture. Thumbs up!


The dirt does give it some nice character, well done. One thing though, there should be two smear patterns on the windshield from the two wiper blades.


Very realistic , good job :wink:


excellent. glad to see something different than all the perfectly clean car models


Great texture job, you could put some cracks on lights, and put that car in some reel environment 5 *


I agree with Vlada3d, it would look great in an out door environment.
And i think the lighting of the car looks much more like it would be outside not inside of a studio.
Otherwise very nice render! :thumbsup:


wow, the dirt is awesome! :smiley: i love dirty cars heheh


i love how the dirt is smeared over the window by the ‘windowwasher’ (is that the correct word for it?), its a nice detail


Thank you so much. everyone
I will try in the future hard more.
Let’s see again it next.


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