Dirt shader effect in cinema 4d v9.0


I noticed that v9.0 does not have dirt effect. Has anybody found a way to create
this effect with ambient occlusion or sub-scattering surface effects.

Been working with both but I can’t seem to get the effect.

need help.



The best ambient-plugin from bobtronic; http://www.bobtronic.de/plugins/



The dirt shader was, in effect, an ambient occlusion shader. If you use the AO shader like you used Dirt you should be able to get the same or similar results.


possibly you mean 9.5? 9.0 certainly has dirt, but no AO.

just reduce the samples down to 1 or 2 and if you want reduce the accuracy too (in AO), it’ll give you the same result but be a lot faster.


your right it was v9.5.

I dropped samples down. I also set dispersion to 50 percent.
and set accuracy to 5 percent and got what I was looking for.

again thanks.


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